Sunday, May 31, 2009

"That was terrible" (only kidding)

Hi everyone ,

Hope you are all staying warm this long weekend.I know my toes are a little chilly .

Well , like I mentioned , a bunch of us headed down to Dunedin as finalists in the Dunedin leg of the 48hrs Film competition .
There were 12 films in total that made it this far and now was the time we were gonna see them on the big screen with a very sharply dressed audience .

Alas , Pick Up , our film didn't manage to win anything , but I have to say , we feel privileged to have been in the finals with some amazing movies .What was cool was that these films were not just cool 'cause they were made in 48hrs , but that they were cool full stop . Some of them would have definitely held their own amongst shorts that had no such time restrictions .

The winning film was "Charlotte" by Line Men - Big Twist Genre and the runner up was "Girl from Sweden, Maori from Dunedin" by Know Idea Productions - Politically Incorrect Genre

CHARLOTTE in my opinion was a deserved winner. An animated film that was simple , clean and very nicely put together .

I though that "Girl from Sweden, Maori from Dunedin" had a lot of great elements , not least of which was the great swedish character , she was very funny and well acted .

Another stand out film was "Nuclear Family" by team Rorschach . This film won quiet a few prizes but somehow didn't make it to the final 2 . No disrespect to the team behind Girl from Sweden, Maori from Dunedin , but , I think Nuclear Family deserved that runner up spot .
There is always the Peter Jackson wildcard draw , which can bring an otherwise unsuccessful team to the Grand Finals .
Watch this space to see if that happens.

C4 will begin screening some selected 48hrs shorts in the next week or two, so tune in if you have that channel and watch.There will also be a YouTube Channel dedicated to 48hrs shorts , which I will post the link to once it is up to speed.

Pick Up will screen for WFT fans along with some other bits and pieces, soon .

Okay , so the next thing to do is to get this "Gone in 60 seconds" film making jamboree up and running .
I'm keen on getting people making movies , not necessarily "in competition" but what I am gonna put out there is this ..

...If there is anyone reading this that can offer any kind of prizes for a film making competition , however small , be it a physical prize , a cash prize or a goods and/or services prize , voucher etc . then please get in contact with me at thairocksuperstar(Then simply add @ and gmail followed by a DOT and a COM) then I would greatly appreciate it .

If you know anyone who can offer any prizes , then , also get in contact, please .

There will be audience voting and raffles and stuff too , so think on .

I will let you know dates etc soon.

This competition is open to anyone , so spread the word.

cheers everyone

take care



  1. is there any deadline or dates or something for the 60seconds film?

  2. Yup , it will be announced soon.
    I'll let you know .Don't worry.


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thank you.