Thursday, June 4, 2009

Drama & Writing Workshop

Hi everyone (welcome, new mailing list folk),

First a quick follow up on Wanaka's own 48hrs City Finalist "Pick Up" . Although Pick Up unfortunately didn't make it any further than the Dunedin City Finals , I have just received info that it was nominated a runner up for BEST USE OF LINE (the compulsory dialogue line "It doesn't fit!") and our own Maria Arnoletto was nominated runner up for BEST ACTRESS .

Congrats to all involved .

WFT friend Ian Bowmer has informed me that Billy Marshall Stoneking will be bringing his Drama & Writing Workshop to New Zealand in early July .

Here is some info from New Zealand Writers Guild:

"...a possibility has arisen to stage some local workshops with Australian-based drama and writing coach, Billy Marshall Stoneking. (here is his Wikipedia entry)

Some people will know Billy from his writers workshop a year or so back for Shortfilm Otago.

They were nothing if not inspirational, and for people with limited theatre or other dramatic training, an excellent opportunity to explore the difference between words on a page and the potency of words delivered well.
Billy has formerly been a tutor at the Oz Film & Television School.

He's coming over to the Oamaru Film Fest in July. There is the possibility of adding other regional workshops ..."

OK , I paraphrased that last line . I believe if there are a sufficient number of people interested , there will be a workshop in Dunedin , but if ,perhaps , there are enough interested parties here in Wanaka , then a local visit could be arranged .

Here is a link to the one of Mr. Marshall Stoneking's blogs , which should give you some info and an idea of what might be involved LINK or watch this youtube video (below) .

If you think you would be interested in attending such a workshop , please email me soon (thairocksuperstarATgmailDOTcom) with "INTERESTED IN WORKSHOP "in the subject box and I will pass the numbers on to Ian .

I imagine there would be a fee involved and I gather it might be in the region of $25 , but don't take that as gospel , please.

Thanks again, Ian, for that info .


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