Friday, February 26, 2010

2010 Oscar Nominated Scripts Free Online And Other News

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This years Oscar Nominated Scripts are available for free to read or download online at
The Raindance website HERE .

I think it's a great idea to read lots of screenplays.
Especially if you are a writer but also if you are interested in film or in becoming a film maker.
Not only are they entertaining, but they are educating.

Thanks to Ian Lawton for giving me the heads up on this (Via twitter- my  @wanakafilm twitter feed now on this page ,over there on your left.)

Thanks folks.



1st 5 teams registering for V48 get refunded registration fee!

For Immediate Release:
Feb 25, 2010


V48HOURS is the hugely successful annual filmmaking competition that celebrates chaos and creativity during one weekend each year.

V48HOURS returns for its 8th year, attracting everyone from skilled filmmakers to enthusiastic newcomers. This year over 650 team leaders will assemble squads (of up to 9,000+ people) to create 650 short films in just one weekend. Past winners have gone on to create acclaimed short films, feature films, television shows and even an Oscar nomination.

V48HOURS shorts are first screened in heats throughout New Zealand cinemas, before the best are selected to compete against Peter Jackson's Wildcard picks on a two-week C4 television series that builds to a Grand Final, with just one film being crowned the Grand National Champ, winning a monumental package from a $100,000 prize pool.

V48HOURS Director Ant Timpson has been at the helm of the event for 8 years and in that time past winners have included the talented likes of Taika Waititi (Eagle Vs Shark, Boy), Gerard Johnstone (The Jaquie Brown Diaries) and The Downlow Concept (7 Days). He is confident that 2010 is going to be a sensational year and not just for that fact that Taranaki has now joined the regional line up

"Each year it keeps growing and each year it produces a couple of works that can proudly stand alongside shorts made for tens of thousands of dollars. This year I'm really hoping some of the long term teams push themselves and produce works that subvert and deconstruct. Anything that results in highly original and maybe even visually deranged shorts is good in my book. We are at the edge of the digital frontier, so teams should be firing creative flaming arrows and burning down the status quo. Taranaki teams have participated previously but this year we're opening the floodgates to all teams from the region to showcase the considerable talent with their own competition".

V Energy, the long term partner of the event have decided to sign on as official naming rights sponsor for an additional three years, which in these recessionary times is a show of remarkable faith for the event and the talent that is being fostered.

Last years winner of the competition, the animated short "Charlotte" was picked up by the New Zealand Film Commission, who have come back onboard again with increased financial support for the competition and prize pool. NZFC CEO Graeme Mason explains

“The NZFC is proud to support and be a sponsor of V48Hours. V48Hours’ philosophy is very much in line with our own philosophy, shown in our new Escalator scheme, that is, when teams of a like mind get together they can achieve great things in a short time with limited resources.” 

Teams that are feeling the burn of the recession may have found their goodwill angel in our Gold Partner Vodafone who are offering to refund the full cost of registration to the first FIVE teams who register on the official site from Monday March 1st, 10am sharp.

V48Seconds the annual warm up competition is back for 2010, calling for all filmmakers to choose an epic movie clip from films past, re‐shoot it in 48 seconds with a savvy ‘V’ twist, and slap it up on You Tube. V48Seconds attracts anyone from amateur filmies through to those using it as warm-up for V48Hours. The competition is FREE and open to anyone – you can even film it on your mobile phone! There are tons of prizes up for grabs so make sure you get your skills ready for the V48Seconds launch on March 15.

Official Website :
Official VRepublic Site :
Register immediately to avoid disappointment.
Registration for 48HOURS finishes on April 5
Shoot Weekend : April 16-18
City Finals :May 8/9
Television Series : May 3
C4 Grand Final : May 20

Hundreds of teams compete. Hundreds of thousands watch. There can be only one winner.

For all Publicity Enquiries and Further Information:
Jodie Molloy (
Nicola Vuleta (

Please note the title of the event is not : 48 Hour Film Project, 48 Hours Film Competition, 48 Hour Furious Filming, 48Hours Furious Film Festival Competition, 48 Hours Filmmaking Festival. It is now simply known as V48HOURS or V48 for abbreviation purposes.
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Rob Publicity Pic
Filmmaker Rob Sarkies is to host an inspiring kick-start to 2010 with a series of weekend workshops over March and April aimed at short, 48hr, TV/TVC directors or digi-feature film-makers looking to transition into features. 

The workshops will be an intensive mixture of talks, exercises, practical examples and play with plenty of time for questions along the way. They are designed to get you thinking about the art, craft and practical reality of feature directing and  give practical tips from someone who has been there. 

Three weekend workshops on different topics will be held over March/April in Auckland and Wellington.  Places are limited to keep class sizes low and will be issued on a first-come first-served basis.

Please explore the site for details about the workshops, dates and times or download a printable info sheet HERE.

Places are limited so REGISTER NOW to check availability & secure yours.  
REGISTER HERE or email the workshop administrator at:

Thursday, February 25, 2010


REEL DREAMS is a commercial film production company located right here in Wanaka, New Zealand.

Darren Simmonds and Topher Straus have collaborated their diverse and rich skill set to introduce a creative, high end and hassle free approach to commercial film production. We are currently seeking a paid, part time assistant for 3-4 weeks starting as soon as possible for 20 hours a week with potential to grow into a larger role. Production experience is helpful, however not necessary. We are seeking a motivated, flexible, and eager candidate who thrives on administration work and the opportunity for new roles everyday . You must be based in Wanaka and have a car.

If you would like further information please ring 021437744 or Email

Monday, February 22, 2010

Looking forward to Fish Tank

Looking forward to see my old friend Robbie Ryan's cinematography in the award winning
Movie Fish Tank


Friday, February 12, 2010


The NZFC’s new low budget feature film initiative, Escalator, was formally launched in Auckland today at the Academy Cinema. The launch was followed by a master class with director and star of low-budget British film SHIFTY, Eran Creevy and Riz Ahmed.  
Launching the initiative today, CEO Graeme Mason said “Escalator is all about creative film making ideas explicitly conceived with low budget production in mind, by teams that relish the challenge of working lean and fast.  Escalator is most definitely not about squeezing a bigger budget idea into a low budget framework.”
Mason added, “After consulting and listening to film makers both here and abroad, we believe Escalator is an exciting opportunity for NZ writers, directors, producers and crew to step up to bigger features. It is about a team of two or more individuals collaborating together, inspiring each other.” 
Film makers have six weeks to form their creative teams and submit first stage applications for Escalator by the 2010 deadline date of Monday 29th March.  Twelve teams will go on to take part in a low-buget boot camp. Four of these teams will be offered funding of up to NZ$250,000.  Application guidelines are available on the NZFC website and NZFC staff are available to answer questions.  
The initiative will also launch in Wellington on Thursday 11th of Feb at the Paramount Cinema and in Dunedin on Saturday 13th of Feb at the Otago Museum, followed by the master class.  SHIFTY was made under the Film London Microwave Initiative with a production budget of £100,000.  The film is being released in NZ and Australia on the 11th of February.  
For more information about Escalator please contact Paul Swadel, Tel: +64 4 382 7680 /
Application Guidelines can be found on the NZFC website: 

Short Films on a Tall Wall

Press Release:

Short Films on a Tall Wall' needs your film! YES! YOURS!

Dunedin only Drive-In film festival needs your film to showcase to an
appreciative audience.

ASIDE from being the 'guy swinging on a rope' for the V48 Film Competition, I'm
also co-ordinator of 'Short Films on a Tall Wall', Dunedins drive-in movie
experience showing the 'creme de la creme' of Southern films, March 26-28th
2010. And we need your film!

Your film will be projected onto a large, LARGE outdoor surface, with the
audience viewing from their cars, pulling the soundtrack through their car
radios. Venue is the Countdown Car Park, Moray Pace, Dunedin.

Mass Appreciation for the films & film-makers comes from honking, tooting &
flashing of lights! Its quite an experience!

We're asking you & yours to consider this event a premier showcase for films &
film-makers in the South for 2010. And I hope to repeat it later this year.

Select members of the NZ Film Commission & the NZ Writers Guild will be in
attendance, seeking the best films and the best film-makers for consideration.
This means you! Only films from The Waitaki South latitude will be considered.

We have a package of (modest) prizes for Best Picture, Audience Favourite, Most
Original Script/Film, Best Production Design and other categories.
Winners selected by a panel of awesome judges and audience vote.

We'll accept films of any genre and age, (but not too crusty, or violent, thanks)
Format: DVD, Blu-ray, miniDV, data-stick (avi/mov 720 x 576 or larger) or data
file transfer. (email us first)

Cut off for submission: March 16th 2010, at midday.

Durations: under 90 seconds, under 3min, under 6 min & under 15min
(R-16 content.) All material must be original & copyright proven.

For a film to be eligible for COMPETITION & RELATED PRIZES, you must include a
$20 application fee (per film) with each entry.
If you don't wish to enter the competition send your film anyway.
It will be shown of course, but be ineligible for prize selection. :-(

If you would like your film returned send SSAE or courier bag.

Send films to: SFOATW, 38 Clyde Street Roseneath, Dunedin 9023,

For more details contact me directly, email or cell.

Please freely distribute this invitation to other film-makers.

Craig Storey

StoreyTeller Films
TreeFrog Video

Supreme Commander of 'Short Films on a Tall Wall'
V48Hours City Manager

0210 665 798
03 472 7347

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Panasonic HPX 170

Hi folks- Dan (at Tidy Design) has asked me to put a shout out to you good people.
He has an upcoming shoot where he will be using a Panasonic HPX 170 with P.2 cards and needs to familiarise himself with this camera.
If anyone has one and wouldn't mind giving Dan a run through for an hour or so,he would appreciate it. 

Email me here and I'll put y'all in contact.



Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hi All ,
Snowboard and looking for a filming job in 2010
Check out this from

Feb 9th '10 : FILMERS WANTED - is HIRING! // Articles //

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Want to be paid to be in a commercial?

Got a message from Greg today and he asked me to forward it to you guys , 

"We are looking for some talent for a European commercial tomorrow. Man and woman in late thirties ,children 5 to 10 and anyone who wants to have a go. We are going to be at the Paradiso Cinema tomorrow (MON 8TH FEB) from 1pm onwards , taking photos and details, then auditions will be held on Tuesday , then filming will happen between the 17th-22nd the money is good!"

So,go on , you've got nothing to lose!