Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good Girl

Hi all ,

Sorry it's been a little quiet in here lately but I've been busy doing work for my new short film "Good Girl".

This is the first of my 2011 "Express Films", that is , a bunch of quickly made short films , done with minimum crew (often just myself) and minimum fuss .
Hopefully the will be good and people will like them , but it's really an experiment in prolificacy .
They say that if you want to be a writer , then you should write x amount of words a day to hone your craft, even if not everything you write is great.
I figure the same can be applied to film , so in an effort to keep me moving and learning, I plan to do a fair bit of this type of fast turnaround movie making in 2011.

It will hopefully keep me limber and prepare me for the other big 2011 goal - The 1st feature film!
So , watch this space and feel free to join in ! 2011 Express Films!

Here are a couple of early , ungraded stills from "Good Girl" . I hope you like 'em.
More details etc , soon.

Hannah Steven in Robert Holt's "GoodGirl"

Charlotte Gardiner in Robert Holt's GOOD GIRL

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Short Films On A Tall Wall

A message from Craig Storey

"To All in Film!

Grab the Windex, Mr Muscle or 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water,
and clean your windscreen 'cos the SHORT FILMS ON A TALL WALL Drive In Film Fest is almost upon you...again!

Saturday 12th of February 2011 (8.30pm for 9pm) at
the Countdown Carpark, Moray Place entrance, Dunedin!
Only $20 per wagon, sedan or spaceship!

Watch an ever growing collection of amazing Southern short films
from the comfort of your Camry, Cortina or camel!

Tune your car radio (or walkman) to pick up the soundtrack,
beamed to you live through the awesome power of Stereo FM!

Nibble on snacks from the conveniently placed SuperMarket just to your right!
And behind you is Coffee! Real Coffee! In small, medium & bladder-shaking grande!

Its an awesome night out/in, whatever. Parking begins at 8.30-ish. Eye-candy as pre-roll.
Pre-sale tickets available through

And there is still time left to submit your under 15min film!
I'll add your awesome Southern-made film if you ask nicely,
and pay the entry fee of only $20! (No-competition this time, just film.)

Send your film NOW (on DVD/USB/MiniDV) to

38 Clyde Street, Roseneath, Dunedin 9023.
Cake, cash & chocolate fish welcomed.

Much love & Jaffa Rolling!

Craig Storey, Supreme Commander.
Short Films on a Tall Wall.
StoreyTeller Films.
0210 665 798 03 472 7347
Craig Storey
StoreyTeller Films
& TreeFrog Video
40 Clyde Street,
9023 NZ

*Use ALL lines of address to ensure safe mail delivery.
Please include ROSENEATH, and DUNEDIN 9023. Cheers! "

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Audio For Tim Pierce show

 Wanaka Film Trust "Creator Series"- Class 1 - Zeros & Ones Add Up - Audio by Wanaka Film Trust

For those of you who missed the first class in the Wanaka Film Trust "Creator Series", then check out the audio of that class, featuring Tim Pierce , here. (I have edited out all but a taster of the audio portion of the videos screened on the night, for length)
Obviously,the classes contain a visual element which isn't here , but if you wish to see some of the examples of the visuals that were on show on the night , I urge you to check out Tim's website and follow the links to video.