Saturday, October 31, 2009

Good work you guys!

Some fantastic entries for the Gone In 60 Seconds comp.
Details of screenings etc to follow soon.

If you didn't make the deadline - I would encourage you to make something anyway -
You won't be eligible to compete for the coveted Gone In 60 Seconds trophy but we will surely screen yer movie.

By the way , anyone interested in the RED cameras might like to check out some of the new announcements about their new cameras here



Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kanye Reviews [REC]²

Please feel free to link to this or embed it from youtube, It's all part of my attempt to win the Prize!

Cheers .


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Last calls for last minute entries !

Okay Folks ,

there is about a day to go before you need to hand in your "Gone In 60 Second" entries.
If you haven't even started yet ... well , it's still doable! - get that movie made!.

I just might enter ,as an extra entry, the 60 second webcam video I just shot of my dog playing with a puppy ,a little soundtrack of me , whistling badly , embedded behind it - and there you go - that's how simple it is to make a movie to enter!

C'mon ,you can do it.

All entries are to be returned to Paradiso Cinema by close of business tomorrow, at the latest.
Clearly label everything.



Monday, October 19, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hey! ,Last Minute Larry.

Well, there's nothing like working to a tight deadline.
I know it spears me on and you must all be the same as we only have four entries, so far,in the
Gone In 60 Seconds film comp and the deadline is only one week away !

So come on grab your camera, your cell phone,or anything and make a
movie. Or jump on the computer and weave up a interesting collage.

There are no rules, so this is a time for you to let your hair down and
experiment. Just keep it seemly and no longer than 60 seconds. Go to to enter.
All entry's have to be handed in (on disk,tape or whatever you have - we'll work with whatever) at the Cinema
Paradiso before it closes on the 22ndn- NEXT THURSDAY - Clearly label everything and include contact details.

So go on do it,
do it, get a perm, dare ya to , or are you chicken? bok , book!!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009

Don't wach this if you are a kid/are offended or disturbed easily / don't want to.

I threw together a 30 sec clip for Vendetta Films 10th anniversary of 24hr Movie Marathon .
This is 24hrs of movies screened back to back - think grindhouse/b-movie fare but also some "proper" films.

Anyway - there are some prizes up for grabs.

This is not suitable for everyone - use your discretion if viewing.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hi Folks,
Robert here,

Below is a message from Mr. Ant Timpson (48hrs film comp etc.)
If you guys can read it and then check out my proposal after the [REC]2 trailer.

"Indie films wage an ongoing war with major releases for awareness and promotion in a cluttered market space. It’s a war independent films are losing. Some cool films deserve to be seen in cinemas with an audience of fans. Films like REC2, the terrifying sequel to the horror hit REC.

REC2 will be released in a few New Zealand theatres on Black Friday (13 Nov), and I’m helping the distributor – Vendetta Films – to get the word out. The catch? They only have a few thousand to market it.

So I pitched Vendetta to let me give away 75% (Five Thousand Dollars Cash) to any individual(s) who promote (Buzz) the movie REC2 in the boldest and most innovative fashion. They said yes.

To be in to win the $5k all you need to do is use the untapped power of your mind. How’s that for a recession buster? For more information, read here."

— Ant Timpson, Filmhead

My Proposal .
If all you people can send links to this WFT page to all your friends / facebook /twitter /myspace etc. and get some buzz going for the Friday 13th release of [REC]2 ,
and if by some stroke of luck - this strategy wins me the $5000 on offer - I hearby commit to write and shoot a macrobudget horror feature film by November 13 2010 , using the $5000 prize as the budget (and any extra cash I get my hands on ).

It will be called "HUT" and it will be shot locally in the Wanaka and surrounding areas.
There will be plenty of cast and crew roles to go around for all y'all .

I have Horror Movie director blood in me - My Granddad was a respected Horror director and I like to think something got passed down ( it may have just been an ability to grow a beard though!).

It's a simple plan folks - lets see if we can make it work.


Robert Holt