Monday, September 27, 2010

How are things coming along?

Hi everyone,
I hope you've all managed to have a wee think about your ideas for your 60 second films for "Gone In 60 Seconds II".
Keep an eye on the countdown clock and be sure to register HERE asap even if you haven't totally committed to submitting a film.It just helps us keep track of possible numbers etc.

Remember,feel free to ask questions etc. if you have anything you need help with.

Wanaka is full of film comps , it would seem , at the moment.Another one to get going on is MovieFest .
Check out the link for details (the deadline for registering for this comp is only a couple of days away - so get cracking!)

I'm really looking forward to seeing some of the finished films from both these comps.

Best get cracking on my own entries!



Saturday, September 18, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

For Thousands Of Miles

Hi Folks,
I know us film makers / fans of film, have our own troubles trying to get stuff made but I also know how great a feeling it is to be ,in some small way,a part of the process in getting someone else's project made too.
We ,I'm sure,have all helped out on a production made by our friends and acquaintances here in Wanaka or further afield, not for money or anything  but to be a part of bringing something that started as an idea, to life on the screen.

Sometimes there are great projects that you want to be a part of , but they are not happening in your local area , but , hey ,you want to see that project in all it's finished glory,after all the hard work that has gone into it.

Well one such project that I want to see on the big screen - maybe even here in Wanaka at the Paradiso - is a film called 
"For Thousands Of Miles"
I wanted to help out a little , so I gave a few dollars to one of their Kickstarter fundraising campaign's.As a reward,
one of the filmmakers,Mike , got in touch and sent me a FToM T-shirt.
Perhaps some of you around Wanaka have even seen me wearing it.It is honestly , the most comfortable T-shirt I own.
Anyway,this project looks great and, I think , will appeal in particular, to folks like you.Folks who choose to spend some time here in Wanaka,New Zealand, with it's stunning outdoors and people with heart.

Look, just give a minute or two of your time to check out the video below and a couple of the links beneath that and if you feel that this is the kind of film you'ld like to get behind and you have a couple of dollars you could spare then click on those links and give a buck or two to FToM's Kickstarter campaign and tell your buddies , who may be interested too.

Thanks for your time.


For Thousands Of Miles (Blog)
Support And Funding
Softest T-Shirt You Will Ever Own!
FTOM on Twitter
FTOM on Facebook

Other Projects On Kickstarter

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Last nights screening

Greg, talkin' the talk.

Hi folks,

I want to thank all who came out to the Wanaka Film Trust screening last night.Good to see familiar and new faces in the crowd.

Some links for you regarding the "Gone In 60 Seconds II" - 2010 , 1 minute film competition .

•The WFT Blog (with live countdown to the deadline )    The Facebook page for help/crew/other info etc
•The info and registration site 
•The Post Office Box to which to send your entry (a quicktime file or mini dv tape preferred but we will endeavor to deal with whatever you send - don't sweat it)-   MAY E Films P.O.Box 299 Wanaka. 
•Physical address where you can drop off your movie - Cinema Paradiso :: Ardmore Street, Wanaka (there should be a box there - ask at counter)
•And of course this email address to which you can ask questions etc., too.

Looking forward to seeing some great 1 minute bursts of movie magic! - You can enter with as many movies as you like and from anywhere in the world!



Thursday, September 2, 2010

WFT hosts Short Film Screening & Launches "Gone in 60 Seconds II " One minute film competition.

Wanaka Film trust is delighted to host another movie screening night tomorrow.
(7th September @ Cinema Paradiso. (8pm sharp) *just a $5 entry fee to cover costs)

We will be screening the rarely seen
"Good Taste made Bad Taste"

A behind the scenes of Peter Jacksons classic horror, "Bad Taste".
As relevant today as when it was made , this "making of" style doco is sure to inspire and educate the filmmakers in the room.

We will also be screening 3 award winning short films from New Zealand,the trailers for which are below.

The Six Dollar Fifty Man
Brave Donkey
This Is Her

That's not all
We will also be launching our second annual,1 minute film making competition 
"Gone in 60 Seconds II "  

• Make a 60 second movie about anything, shot on anything you can get your hands on.

• HD /  Cell Phone - whatever!
• Return it to Paradiso Cinema by the 5pm,1st November 2010,deadline.
• Chance to win some amazing prizes.
• No crew? come along to launch night and find others to team up with.
• Become Instant Film Makers!

All entries will play at Gala Screening and Awards night  @ Cinema Paradiso on 9th November 2010

for more information go to

*1 RULE - 60 seconds from start to finish.

No excuses - just make flicks!