Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You Shoot , He Scores!

WFT friend Barratt is currently experimenting with writing movie scores.
If anyone has something they would like scored or just to chat some ideas , then
give Barratt a shout . (His email address is in the address field of your WFT mailing list email.- you'll know his when you see it ).

I'm going to work on a skills directory for a future mail out / posting .
If anyone would like to be listed with a particular skill/offering etc. let me know .

Basically , a database of cast/crew etc and their contacts .

Inclusion or exclusion at your request .
Get on it .

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Treatment with Elvis Mitchell

Hi all,
I thought I'd take a moment to alert you to a great film related audio programme .

I don't know about you , but I often get annoyed when I read a review or listen to an interview with a filmmaker because i find that , usually , the interviewer hasn't really bothered to do proper , in depth , research .
It frustrates me when the same old boring questions are asked by someone who doesn't really know a lot about the subject/artist they are dealing with .
I'm sure it must be boring for the interviewee also .
This is why I was so delighted to stumble across Elvis Mitchell and his film programme , "The Treatment".
I found this as a podcast on iTunes , but it is also a radio show on KCRW, Southern California's leading National Public Radio affiliate and available in a number of online formats from that link above .

Elvis is an interviewer who knows his subject well .
He is comes across as a gentle and intelligent interviewer . His guests ( writers/directors/producers/ etc.) seem to really enjoy their time with him on the show and it's not hard to see why .
He seems to know every obscure film or filmmaker referenced by his guests and is able to discern even the most vague influence on any given film .

Anyway , enough speaking . I'll let Elvis speak for himself .So do yourself a favour and check out the podcast (just search for it in iTunes or follow the web link above) , be sure to check out some previous guests as they all prove interesting .

Thursday, June 25, 2009

NZFC picks up "Charlotte"

Great things can come from a weekend shoot!

Read about 48hrs film being picked up by New Zealand Film Commission HERE

Monday, June 22, 2009


Hi folks ,

The previously mentioned Billy Stoneking Marshall Workshop is on , but , in Dunedin .
contact details below.

".......If you'd like to participate in an inspiring one-day film drama workshop with legendary screen guru, Billy Marshall Stoneking, please contact

Dell McLeod at delicat.mail@gmail.com or ring
+64 (0)3 479 4274

MUST BOOK TODAY!!! Tell your colleagues & friends!!!..."

Please note , we are currently in the process of organising other speakers/workshops to happen here in Wanaka in the future .
Stay tuned .


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Grand Final Winner of 48hrs

Huge congratulations to The Linemen for their well deserved win with their beautiful animated short , "Charlotte".
This film won the Dunedin City Final prior to the Grand Final win and I said it before and I'll repeat it now , We were very privileged to find our own WFT team in the company of a film of this standard at the city finals .
Much respect to all involved .
That's 48hrs over with for another year .
Best get cracking on another filmmaking excuse .



Saturday, June 20, 2009

Looking for authentic costumes

Hi all ,
I'm working on a script at the moment for a short film and I will need some assistance with some costumes .
I am looking for 2 authentic looking costumes for a couple of Native American characters , women , in their 20's .

I will also need to dress a older cowboy character , again, as authentic as possible , old weathered geezer , who's been riding the range for a few months. I'm thinking , well dressed but dusty and dirty .

Also all the gear to go with their horses ......and a couple of horses.

Well , i guess 1 brown or black horse and 1 piebald pony .

Please chip in if you have any suggestions.



Thursday, June 11, 2009

Musical Interlude

Our Friend Benjamin James Eastwood asked us to shoot some video for him recently , here is a bite .
(Some of you may know Bens music from The Beer Whisperers movie "Lovers Rock".

Remember folks ,
Ask a local musician for music for your films or youtube videos . Most would be happy to oblige I'm sure .


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Drama & Writing Workshop

Hi everyone (welcome, new mailing list folk),

First a quick follow up on Wanaka's own 48hrs City Finalist "Pick Up" . Although Pick Up unfortunately didn't make it any further than the Dunedin City Finals , I have just received info that it was nominated a runner up for BEST USE OF LINE (the compulsory dialogue line "It doesn't fit!") and our own Maria Arnoletto was nominated runner up for BEST ACTRESS .

Congrats to all involved .

WFT friend Ian Bowmer has informed me that Billy Marshall Stoneking will be bringing his Drama & Writing Workshop to New Zealand in early July .

Here is some info from New Zealand Writers Guild:

"...a possibility has arisen to stage some local workshops with Australian-based drama and writing coach, Billy Marshall Stoneking. (here is his Wikipedia entry)

Some people will know Billy from his writers workshop a year or so back for Shortfilm Otago.

They were nothing if not inspirational, and for people with limited theatre or other dramatic training, an excellent opportunity to explore the difference between words on a page and the potency of words delivered well.
Billy has formerly been a tutor at the Oz Film & Television School.

He's coming over to the Oamaru Film Fest in July. There is the possibility of adding other regional workshops ..."

OK , I paraphrased that last line . I believe if there are a sufficient number of people interested , there will be a workshop in Dunedin , but if ,perhaps , there are enough interested parties here in Wanaka , then a local visit could be arranged .

Here is a link to the one of Mr. Marshall Stoneking's blogs , which should give you some info and an idea of what might be involved LINK or watch this youtube video (below) .

If you think you would be interested in attending such a workshop , please email me soon (thairocksuperstarATgmailDOTcom) with "INTERESTED IN WORKSHOP "in the subject box and I will pass the numbers on to Ian .

I imagine there would be a fee involved and I gather it might be in the region of $25 , but don't take that as gospel , please.

Thanks again, Ian, for that info .