Friday, August 27, 2010

"Gone In 60 Seconds II"

"Gone In 60 Seconds II", the 1 minute film making competition.

Wanaka Film Trust annual film competition, "Gone In 60

The event kicks off, 7th September directly following a great Wanaka Film
Trust screening night at Cinema Paradiso. Then you have eight weeks to
make a short movie, about anything, shot in any fashion, with any sort
of gear, on anything, no longer than 60 seconds in duration.
Entries must be submitted no later than 1st of November 2010.
Then on Tuesday the 9th of November there will be
a screening of all the films and an awards ceremony at Cinema Paradiso.

There will be prizes in different categories (thanks to our sponsors).

And the overall Best Film Award will be decided  by the audience on the night.

Fun times ahead.
More details as they come-watch this space.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Extras Wanted In Wanaka

Wanaka Film Trust friends REEL DREAMS are in need of some extras.Please read following for details.

REEL DREAMS  is looking for some people to do extra work one day at Snow Park AUG 31 (weather day Sept 1)  There will not be any pay but we will provide a meal and a memory.  Please email Topher with your photo if you are interested.

LOG LINE:  Two twenty something funny looking guys are walking towards a ski bar-  One of the guys falls to his knees to inspect a patch of yellow snow.  The other guy is oblivious until he notices everyone watching.  He spots something though – and also starts eating the snow. Pan up to reveal a man cariyng a leaking keg…
[EXTRA 1] Male. Snowboarder. 20-25. A hardcore snowboarder.

[EXTRA 2] Male. Snowboarder. 20-25. A hardcore snowboarder.

[EXTRA 3] Male. Snowboarder. 20-25. A hardcore snowboarder.

[EXTRA 4] Female. Snowboarder. 20-25. A hardcore snowboarder. Maybe punk rock?

[EXTRA 5] Female. Skier. 40-50

[EXTRA 6] Female. Skier. 40-50

[EXTRA 7] Male. Skier. 40-50

[EXTRA 8] Female 25-30

[EXTRA 9] Male 25-30

[EXTRA 10] Female 20-25

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mercury Brigade SmokeFree RockQuest Video

Video is now unlocked.Please enjoy and share. Mercury Brigade Facebook page 

Last Week , Myself and Greg,Darren and Dan O'Regan shot this video for the boys of Mercury Brigade for their submission to the SmokeFreeRockQuest 2010 competition.
Hope you like it.Feel free to embed it on your Facebook/Blogs etc.



Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Western shot in NZ

Love the look of this film.
When I first arrived in NZ in '95 I travelled through Mackenzie Country and thought,"What a great spot to film a western! Well,Mike Wallis and his team beat me to it.

Can't wait to see this.
Awesome work you guys.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Mercury Brigade SmokeFree RockQuest Video Shoot

Sorry It's been a bit quiet here on the WFT blog - been busy shooting video for local high school band Mercury Brigade for their video submission section of the SmokeFree RockQuest competition.
I'm cutting it as we speak.
I'll post pics and vid later but here are a couple of pics from the shoot.