Thursday, January 21, 2010

48hrs/Rentals on YouTube/Your Big Break Winners

Hi all ,
Some info on some happenings below.


This year the 48hrs Film Comp shoot weekend begins on 16th April (registration opens March 1st).
There is already some local team building going on!
Wanaka had 2 teams enter last year,one missed out official consideration due to a technical error (but was an awesome movie!) , the other made it to the regional finals!.
So, let's try and top that this year folks , get organized early (as much as one can get organized for 48hrs)
and make sure you register in time.
Link for 48 Hours HERE  check for updates regularly.
EMAIL us here at Wanaka Film Trust if you have any questions about the comp as we have a few 48hr veterans onboard.

FILM RENTALS ON YOUTUBE.*(It has come to my attention that this be initially only available in the US)

Interesting article from the New York Times about YouTube getting into the online film rental game.
This is interesting for many reasons,not least are which are the fact that you will have an alternative to iTunes Store movie rentals (I have nothing against iTunes but more players the better), but secondly,
and more interesting , in my opinion , is that this could be good news for indie filmmakers as an easy way to distribute and generate revenue from, their movies.
Anyhow , I'll leave the details up to the NYTimes - here is the link check it out.(There will be some Sundance Film Fest movies available initially for a limited period - to test the water)


Tourism New Zealand's publicity generating initiative YOUR BIG BREAK will announce the 5 finalists (of the 1080 entries) for there film making competition tomorrow (Fri 22nd Jan) afternoon (New Zealand time) .
I presume the results will be posted on the website somewhere HERE is the link to the homepage (announcement may not be on that page ,however so have a sniff around.) 

*WINNERS HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED HERE - Congratulations to all.

There are paid intern opportunities (for working on the 5 shoots) available also - details HERE

Okay , that's me done for the night.
Take care.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Darrens Big Break Entry Would Like Your Vote,Please.

Hi all,

Darren Simmonds has an entry submitted for the Big Break competition I mentioned in a previous post.
There is an audience vote element to this comp and as voting closes tomorrow,Darren would really appreciate you having a look as soon as you can and
hopefully you will give him your vote!

The link will open on Darrens pitch for the film ,what you need to do is click on the green vote for this button .
Below is the link(but read to the end of this entry first)
You will be required to register so they can send you an authentication email - but this is a simple process (but don't forget to untick the "send me tourism info" box if you
don't want to be emailed more stuff from Tourism New Zealand)

As I mentioned , the deadline for votes ,I believe, is tomorrow , so I encourage you to quickly do it now.
Please feel free to forward this to anyone you think may be interested.



Monday, January 4, 2010

New Decade Ahead.Lets Make It A Good One For Local Movies!

Hi all.
Let me start by wishing every one a happy new year.
The blog has been a little quiet over the holiday period.This has been due to a combination of both relaxing
and paradoxically ,working hard.Still a bit to do on current production for a client , but it is a nice job filming dogs.

I noticed that the 48hours website's countdown clock says that there are 56 days until registration opens!
Wow,seems like only a couple of months since we were feverishly racing to meet the deadline for that last year.
Well it's still a ways off but perhaps we should begin thinking of rounding up some teams for this years contest.It would be very cool if Wanaka could really make some noise in the regionals this year.There certainly appears to be plenty of skill and talent in the 'hood and wouldn't to take a bus full of Wanaka teams to the finals?

Other thing to get a move on if you are thinking of entering is the Your Big Break Comp .Deadline for your 3 min screenplay entry is a little under two weeks away.Have a look at the entries already posted on the site and ask yourself,"Can I do better?" - if the answer is "Probably", then you should have a go - nothing to loose right?

The 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) begins in a couple of days and it's always exciting to see what kind of gadgets are on there way.There is sure to be some geeky stuff for film makers announced over the week.

Jim Jannard of RED will be hosting a RED Day on Feb. 13th for all Redusers at a location in Los Angeles (TBD).

"This will be an all-day event where we will show EPIC and Scarlet prototypes, RED ONEs with Mysterium-X sensors, new accessories... and post solutions, including some new wrinkles. We will show 4K footage on a Sony 4K projector and will also show RED footage film prints. There will be several guests showing accessories for RED and post solutions."

Anyone, like myself, who has been watching out for a release of the new Red cameras (I'm looking at a Scarlet fixed lens) We will hopefully learn soon when we can actually get our hands on one.

Also , anyone who wants a film making assignment for the next wee while , why not make a short with a Valentines Day theme ,(it could be a rom-com or a love story or  it could be a Saint Valentines Day Massacre ! )- if we get a few films, we can have another screening night!

Also we have the awards season coming up too.The Academy Awards are March 10th I believe.

Well that's me for now.
Feel free , as always, to drop a line to Wanaka Film Trust  (just click on that link to email) or follow us (well,me really) on twitter or pop a comment there on the comments box on the left.