Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gone In 60 seconds III

Last years "Best Film"  Trophy (as voted for by the audience) 2010 Winner:Tim Pierce for "BLIP"

Okay guys and gals

For those of you who would like to see your very own movie screened on the big cinema screen, listen up.

As mentioned in the previous post, Gone In 60 seconds III is on!


  • Write - Shoot - Cut a 1 minute movie (made fresh for this competition)
  • Exactly 60 seconds from start to finish INCLUDING  all titles, credits, etc. ( if any ) .
  • Made up stories please - serious / funny / dramatic - y'know FICTION.
  • No documentary / live sports type films this year please. I feel there are enough avenues already existing that cater to those type films. 
  • use original music or no music. (Your film doesn't have to have a score, but if you do decide to have one, please don't just slap down a track from your iTunes collection. Either make your own tunes or ask someone you know who plays music for a tune - it's a minute long - you can hum a score if you need to!
  • Deadline for entries either by mail / in person or online link in my email in box, is December 18th at 5pm ,NZ time.  (anything later than that is disqualified)
  • use any kind of camera you want . Animate if that's your thing - as long as I can play it , and it abides by the rules, it's in!
  • Don't do anything illegal - and keep in mind that kids may be at the screening .
  • THEME:  This year your film should have a CHRISTMAS theme. (subtle or in your face - you decide)


Only films complying with ALL RULES will be eligible for competition, but we will endeavor to screen every entry we receive in the cinema , so if you timed it wrong etc, don't worry - the screening is the best part.

WHEN?: Make your film NOW! - you have until December 18th 2011 at 5pm , NZ time to submit your entry.  Don't leave it till last minute! (I know you will though)

FORMAT?: My life will be made easier if your film is on a usb stick in a Quicktime format - but .avi or DVD or whatever you have , will be accepted. If I can't play it, I will contact you & try to work out a way, but ultimately , I will do my best to get everything screened, no guarantees though.


Upload to YouTube / Vimeo etc - make it private/passworded for now and send me the link/password
I will have to be able to download it in order to screen it so enable that if applicable.


email me when you have your movie done and I will send you a Dropbox link to upload it to.

WHERE?: Either by old school mail to 

Robert Holt
Wanaka Film Trust,
15 Nichol Street,
Lake Hawea,
RD2 , 
Wanaka 9382 , 
New Zealand.


Drop you film in person to Kai Whaka Pai in Wanaka - in an envelope/bag marked



Shortly after the December 18th deadline (don't worry, it will be before Christmas) , there will be a screening night at the movies!
Date and details to be confirmed.

ANY QUESTIONS - email:  wanakafilm @ gmail . com or ask me on twitter @wanakafilm

or comment in the comments box thingy below.


Now get writing!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

It Lives!

Hi folks,

 It's been a quiet old time here on the WFT Blog- Let's put it down to winter hibernation.
Okay , so - You didn't think 2011 would go by without a Gone In 60 seconds competition , did you?
 I hope not. Gone In 60 Seconds III is alive!

 I'll post details in the next day or two , but - this year , I'm changing things up a little.
 Yes, it's still a requirement that entries must me 60 seconds long from start to finish - including any titles/credits etc - any variations on this will not be eligible for competition (but may be screened on the gala screening night).

 The other rule is that films are to be fiction films.
 I feel that there are a number of outlets in Wanaka for documentary / sports films and I know all you folks have a fiction film in you, so get thinking of a story idea.

 This year , I am also introducing a theme - the theme is CHRISTMAS

Don't stress too much about this - It can be as vague or as stressed as you like and no one will be disqualified for not adhering to the theme enough - it just might make for a festive screening night , is all.

 No details on prizes yet except that, as always , there will be an awesome handcrafted trophy for the best film winner , thanks to Gregg at

 The heart of the competition has always been about giving folks who would like to make a movie, but have felt that there are too many hurdles in the way, an excuse to shoot pretty much anything - on any kind of camera , a reason to do it. It's only 60 seconds - nobody is gonna get snobby about technical quality etc - it's just for fun!

 That said, the supreme trophy and the chance to see your movie on the big screen , with a full audience, is the reason to enter this comp - if you don't win - so what - you have made a movie in your life and it will be played in the cinema!! - ain't that cool?

 Everyone is busy here at WFT and free time for organizing events and prizes etc. is in short supply - so I'm handing some work out to you guys . If you think there needs to be prizes , other than the supreme trophy, then I would ask you all to have a think about any potential sponsors amongst you , that you may be - or know - and ask them if they would like to help out.

 Anyone can get in contact with me at wanakafilmATgmailDOTcom (replace AT with @ and DOT with . )

 More details soon, in the meantime - check out Tim Pierce's awesome winning 60 second film from last years comp below. (this is slightly longer version - but the entry on the night was 60 seconds)

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Blip - WFT 60 Seconds II Film Competition Winner from Tim Pierce - Zeros&Ones on Vimeo.