Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gone In 60 seconds III

Last years "Best Film"  Trophy (as voted for by the audience) 2010 Winner:Tim Pierce for "BLIP"

Okay guys and gals

For those of you who would like to see your very own movie screened on the big cinema screen, listen up.

As mentioned in the previous post, Gone In 60 seconds III is on!


  • Write - Shoot - Cut a 1 minute movie (made fresh for this competition)
  • Exactly 60 seconds from start to finish INCLUDING  all titles, credits, etc. ( if any ) .
  • Made up stories please - serious / funny / dramatic - y'know FICTION.
  • No documentary / live sports type films this year please. I feel there are enough avenues already existing that cater to those type films. 
  • use original music or no music. (Your film doesn't have to have a score, but if you do decide to have one, please don't just slap down a track from your iTunes collection. Either make your own tunes or ask someone you know who plays music for a tune - it's a minute long - you can hum a score if you need to!
  • Deadline for entries either by mail / in person or online link in my email in box, is December 18th at 5pm ,NZ time.  (anything later than that is disqualified)
  • use any kind of camera you want . Animate if that's your thing - as long as I can play it , and it abides by the rules, it's in!
  • Don't do anything illegal - and keep in mind that kids may be at the screening .
  • THEME:  This year your film should have a CHRISTMAS theme. (subtle or in your face - you decide)


Only films complying with ALL RULES will be eligible for competition, but we will endeavor to screen every entry we receive in the cinema , so if you timed it wrong etc, don't worry - the screening is the best part.

WHEN?: Make your film NOW! - you have until December 18th 2011 at 5pm , NZ time to submit your entry.  Don't leave it till last minute! (I know you will though)

FORMAT?: My life will be made easier if your film is on a usb stick in a Quicktime format - but .avi or DVD or whatever you have , will be accepted. If I can't play it, I will contact you & try to work out a way, but ultimately , I will do my best to get everything screened, no guarantees though.


Upload to YouTube / Vimeo etc - make it private/passworded for now and send me the link/password
I will have to be able to download it in order to screen it so enable that if applicable.


email me when you have your movie done and I will send you a Dropbox link to upload it to.

WHERE?: Either by old school mail to 

Robert Holt
Wanaka Film Trust,
15 Nichol Street,
Lake Hawea,
RD2 , 
Wanaka 9382 , 
New Zealand.


Drop you film in person to Kai Whaka Pai in Wanaka - in an envelope/bag marked



Shortly after the December 18th deadline (don't worry, it will be before Christmas) , there will be a screening night at the movies!
Date and details to be confirmed.

ANY QUESTIONS - email:  wanakafilm @ gmail . com or ask me on twitter @wanakafilm

or comment in the comments box thingy below.


Now get writing!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

It Lives!

Hi folks,

 It's been a quiet old time here on the WFT Blog- Let's put it down to winter hibernation.
Okay , so - You didn't think 2011 would go by without a Gone In 60 seconds competition , did you?
 I hope not. Gone In 60 Seconds III is alive!

 I'll post details in the next day or two , but - this year , I'm changing things up a little.
 Yes, it's still a requirement that entries must me 60 seconds long from start to finish - including any titles/credits etc - any variations on this will not be eligible for competition (but may be screened on the gala screening night).

 The other rule is that films are to be fiction films.
 I feel that there are a number of outlets in Wanaka for documentary / sports films and I know all you folks have a fiction film in you, so get thinking of a story idea.

 This year , I am also introducing a theme - the theme is CHRISTMAS

Don't stress too much about this - It can be as vague or as stressed as you like and no one will be disqualified for not adhering to the theme enough - it just might make for a festive screening night , is all.

 No details on prizes yet except that, as always , there will be an awesome handcrafted trophy for the best film winner , thanks to Gregg at

 The heart of the competition has always been about giving folks who would like to make a movie, but have felt that there are too many hurdles in the way, an excuse to shoot pretty much anything - on any kind of camera , a reason to do it. It's only 60 seconds - nobody is gonna get snobby about technical quality etc - it's just for fun!

 That said, the supreme trophy and the chance to see your movie on the big screen , with a full audience, is the reason to enter this comp - if you don't win - so what - you have made a movie in your life and it will be played in the cinema!! - ain't that cool?

 Everyone is busy here at WFT and free time for organizing events and prizes etc. is in short supply - so I'm handing some work out to you guys . If you think there needs to be prizes , other than the supreme trophy, then I would ask you all to have a think about any potential sponsors amongst you , that you may be - or know - and ask them if they would like to help out.

 Anyone can get in contact with me at wanakafilmATgmailDOTcom (replace AT with @ and DOT with . )

 More details soon, in the meantime - check out Tim Pierce's awesome winning 60 second film from last years comp below. (this is slightly longer version - but the entry on the night was 60 seconds)

View Main Blog


Blip - WFT 60 Seconds II Film Competition Winner from Tim Pierce - Zeros&Ones on Vimeo.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Winter Of Wells - The Documentary

Wanaka Film Trust friend & filmer, Tim Pierce is a busy man. He's been working on a whole lot of projects this past year but the big one is Winter of Wells - The Documentary , which , as you may surmise , focuses on the Wells family from Wanaka and their domination of the skiing world. Looks great Tim.

This 52 minute epic will be out in Fall / Spring (depending on your hemisphere).
Check out the slick poster below and also all the relative press.
Want something more dynamic? Check out the wicked trailer after the break!

Winter of Wells ON SteroidS 
 Released in FALL, a spectacular 52-minute documentary reveals the incredible lives of probably the most ski-obsessed family in the world. "Most people will only know us from competitions, now they can see what we're really like," says Jossi Wells. 
For the past two years "Winter of Wells" has enjoyed cult status: hundreds of thousands of viewers have followed the 22 episodes of the online documentary about Jossi Wells and his family. But that's not enough, according to director Tim Pierce: since the start of the year he has been shooting a DVD documentary about Jossi, Byron, Beau and Jackson Wells and their parents Bruce and Stacey. "The story of the Wells family is one of the most exciting tales there has ever been in action sport," says Pierce, "Which is why I want to introduce this unique family, which has spawned four of the most talented freeskiers in the world."
Up close and personal with an exceptional family 
The story of the Wells brothers is truly unprecedented: Jossi Wells (21) is the reigning Dew Tour Cup Champion, AFP Halfpipe Champion and AFP Overall World Champion, Byron (18) achieved his first Dew Tour podium in Snowbasin last season, and youngest brothers Beau-James (15) and Jackson (13) are cleaning up by winning every contest in their age groups. "This documentary offers an unprecedented insight into the Wells family, their day-to-day lives and their values," says Pierce, creator of the "Winter of Wells" web series. Viewers are given a first-hand opportunity to see how the rivalry between Jossi and Byron affects the family dynamic, to hear what father Bruce (who works for the Ski Patrol) has to say about his boys' fame, and to understand why Jesus accompanies the highly devout boys every day they hit the slopes. "The best bit is," says Jossi, "that we get to control everything. We are able to explain our story as we see it – and we can be sure that people get to know us as we really are." 
More action than ever before
The most important part of the documentary is, of course, the action on the slopes, for which all four brothers use the same equipment from ATOMIC: "We had more time and production was more professional than for our web clips. So the DVD turned out to be like 'Winter of Wells' on steroids: everything is bigger, more exciting and more spectacular than anything the fans have seen before." The latest web episode of "Winter of Wells" includes a teaser, offering a glimpse behind the scenes during the early stages of the shooting of the documentary: "We used remote control helicopters to shoot some of the footage, providing a new slant on the tricks performed by the boys." 
"Winter of Wells – The Documentary" will be released online and on DVD in fall 2011. 

CLICK "READ MORE" for video

Monday, June 27, 2011

FILM FESTS GALORE!! - NZ Mountain Film Festival | Winter Games Adventure Film Festival

Hi everyone,

Not much in the way of snow yet but no shortage of film festivals!

Apart from the New Zealand International Film Festival
There are some filmy festivities closer to home in the next wee while.

First up, from July 1st to 5th is one for those based in ,or visiting, Wanaka.

The NZ Mountain Film Festival

Check out the link above for full schedule.

Also coming up in August


You may have heard that the Winter Games has taken over the Adventure Film Festival from Kirsten Nicholl.

The festival will now run from the 19th - 21st August at the Memorial Hall in Queenstown, and will consist of 4 to 5 sessions of Adventure Films sourced from Wanaka and around the world.
Check out their facebook page for info and also if you would like to become fans.

They are also running a short film competition which some of you may be interested in.

Get cracking!



Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Row - By Team Translucent Flexible Ducting for 48hrs NZ comp.

Finally available for your viewing pleasure! - our 48Hours NZ entry this year THE ROW

Our appointed genre was Musical (Please, not musical next year )

Required Items

Bobby Young or Bobbie Young, an ex-bully

"What have you got?"

A bent bit of wire

The Freeze Frame Ending

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Translucent Flexible Ducting's 48 Hours Filming Weekend Slideshow

If you are viewing on an iOS device such as an iPad or iPhone, unfortunately the slideshow won't work , but here is a taster for the upcoming soundtrack album!!!

Photographs courtesy of our on set snapper - Martin Galley - nice work Martin!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Competition, thought to be World First, has all eyes on Wanaka

UPDATE: All you need to do to enter is send an email to with your name and a brief bio and head shot photo to register! 
Open to editors the world over.
Limited places. $$ to be won!


How do you get more people attending the NZ Mountain Film Festival when most of the seats in the Lake Wanaka Centre are full each evening?? 
Well, you start a new competition..... possibly a world first; an Adventure Film Editing Competition. Mark Sedon, supported by Lake Wanaka Tourism is the brain child of the new idea. “We have filmed a carbon free adventure” says Sedon, “and we’ll give the footage to film makers from NZ and around the world so that they can make a 3 minute film”. 
Sedon and Wanaka cameraman, Simon Rasmussen rode their mountain bikes from Lake Hawea township around to Breast Peak, climbed up a steep ridge, then Sedon flew off on his paraglider. “The US$1000 first prize is sure to attract a lot of budding film makers” says Sedon. Entries to the competition open June 1, the film editing starts June 10 until 17 when the 10 best films will be displayed online, and during the July 1 to 5 festival. Festival visitors will get a special screening and vote for their favorite film with the winner announced on the last evening. 
“Its really going to show case the stunning scenery of the Wanaka/Hawea area” says Sedon, “plus highlight the fantastic adventure activities that the region naturally attracts”. 
Speakers at the July 1 to 5 Festival have been confirmed. After many years of trying, Mark & Jo Sedon have managed to confirm Greg Child as this year’s keynote speaker for Wanaka’s 9th festival. US based Child is considered an especially literate mountaineering storyteller and he was honored with the American Alpine Club's Literary Award for his prolific and insightful mountaineering literature. His book Postcards From the Ledge took home the Banff Mountain Festival Book Award in 1997 and he also won an Emmy for his video Hitting the Wall in 1998. Accompanying Child is Debbie Chambers, one of NZ's most accomplished adventure racers, Lake Hawea climber Lydia Bradey, arguably one of our festival's most entertaining adventure speakers, snow sports photographer and adventurer Steve Eastwood and Kiwi hard man, Steve Gurney.
The festival runs July 1 to 5 and also features 40-50 adventure films with several world and NZ premiers, workshops, art displays, return of the world record ‘Dyno’ attempt, live music, adventure trade show and of course lots of general socialising. Watch the web page for updates or sign up for the newsletter at

Friday, May 27, 2011

Y'all could WIN STUFF by simply supporting a Wanaka Filmmaker - easy as!

You might remember a while back, I posted about The Langham Hotel's "Romantic Proposal", competition that our mates entered  (LINK TO THAT POST)
Well, they were, thanks to your help, successful! 

Now, they are the only Kiwi entry in the top 10 finalists!

So they made another video and it's awesome and very sweet.
Now again, they need your "LIKES" , to get to the finish line.
There's something in it for you too!

If you follow the instructions below and "like" HIGH TEA LOVE, you get a chance to win stuff.

Read on :

"Win a Romantic Hamper for the most romantic comment written about our movie on the competition site.  
Win a Von Avi “Cocktail Queen” Handbag .
We will enter all votes into a draw.
Prizes drawn June 3rd
Support our movie entry in “The World’s Most Romantic Proposal”
Easy as a.b.c…..
LIKE the Langham Hotels button
Scroll down to find our movie HIGH TEA LOVE
Click on movie scroll up and watch
Click the LIKE button below the movie
Write a romantic comment"

- Kaz von Heraud Parker

Monday, May 23, 2011

Some of the cast of Wanaka's 48hoursNZ entry "The Row"

Left to Right -  Andrew-"Bobby" ,  Ploppy- "Jed" ,  Greg-"Sheriff" , Andrea-"Deputy Quinlan"

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday, April 29, 2011

V 48 Seconds True Grit

Made this for V 48 SECONDS (warm up comp for the 48 HOURS ) today . Hope you like it . (I know ,I know , it's a little rough round the edges but it was very last minute, oh well.)

Check out this years other entries in the V gallery HERE



Monday, April 11, 2011

True Love by Kaz von Heraud-Parker

Hi all.

A quick note to pass on some info about a short movie made here in Wanaka with "A Romantic Proposal" as it's theme.
Kaz & Jane have submitted their short for a competition to win a gazillion airmiles (ok that's a bit of an exaggeration ) to travel in luxury around the world!
Who wouldn't like that?

Well they did the hard yards and now all they need is some help from you!

Here is the link to the comp

It would be awesome if you could take the time to visit the link above and then follow these steps

1. Scroll down to the movies and click More Videos

2. Click on the movie "True Love" by Kaz von Heraud-Parker

3. Scroll back up and click the like button & write a fabulously romantic comment.

4. Paste this to your Face book page


Perhaps if we are good, they will take us with them!

Thanks folks - it'll just take a couple of moments of your time.

Best of luck you romantic devils , you!

Check out the rest of Wanaka Film Trust blogposts here.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Great Night at "Flicks To Fix Christchurch" $$ Raised!

Hi folks,
Well, we had an excellent fun filled evening on Friday at the fundraiser for the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal.
A hugh thanks goes out to everyone who turned out for the screening.
You are a great lot , no mistake!

Just tallied up the total donation and I'm proud to announce that the generous friends of the Wanaka Film Trust put their hands in their pockets to the tune of $640. That's excellent and inspiring!
Thank you all so much.

I want to also take this opportunity to thank again, the very,very, generous filmmakers who were so kind as to donate their films.

These guys put a lot of time and effort into making films. This may seem like a glamorous profession, but the reality is that it is a lot harder work than a lot of people think.

With this in mind , as a way of showing our gratitude, all I would ask of you is to take a moment to 
click on these links (facebook/twitter/email etc) and say hello to Ari ( Adventures Of Power) , Ian (The Other Marty) and Topher (The Attackmen) and see some of their other work.

I think that each of these talented film makers will continue to be making excellent projects in the future
and we are privileged to have seen some of their early work .

I would also like to thank the Paradiso cinema for , yet again , being beyond generous with their hospitality and friendliness. 

Thanks also to Arielle Zadok , Sorted Printing , Anthony Mackey of and everyone who helped publicize and promote the fundraising evening .

Cheers Folks


Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Flicks To Fix Christchurch
Flicks To Fix Christchurch
Hi folks,
Hope you're all well.
I've a bit to get through, so please excuse me if I launch straight into it.


As you all know , Christchurch has been devastated.
Hundreds are out of jobs , homes , normal way of life.

I know everyone has been super supportive to our Cantabrian friends already and I am loath to ask
folks to dip their hand in their pocket again , but - boy , do they need all the help they can get.

So here's what I've organized.

On Friday the 8th of April at approx 8pm , Wanaka Film Trust , with the kind help of the Paradiso cinema, will have a movie night.
We have a great line up of movies to entertain you for a few hours.

U.S. filmmaker Ari Gold , has given me permission to screen his funny and sweet , award winning ,air drumming comedy , 
Adventures Of Power starring Ari Gold himself , Adrian Grenier (star of Entourage), Mike McKean (David St. Hubbins of Spinal Tap amongst many many other great things),
Jane Lynch (Glee) and a host of other great people.

Opening act GOOD GIRL

Another sneak peak at a still from my new #shortfilm called #... on TwitpicGood Girl  is a short film I shot in Feb of this year.
Written , shot and edited etc in Wanaka in a week, with local actresses Hannah Steven & Charlotte Gardiner . 
This film has been directly affected by the Feb 22nd quake as Carmel Courtney who was writing and recording the musical score for the film lives in London Street in Lyttelton 
and who hasn't been able to finish the score yet due to access to her studio etc being affected by the damage.
This version has a temporary score for this screening.


The Other Marty is a hilarious black comedy made by Ian Lawton , an old friend of mine from Ireland.
Ian spent some time in Christchurch about 10 years ago and when he heard what had happened there , he jumped at the chance to do anything he could to help out a city that he holds dear.
Ian is currently at work writing his first feature film.

The Attackmen is a 2007 short film from Wanaka based ,American director and Wanaka Film Trust pal Topher Straus .
A slick looking film looking at two high school seniors from different religious traditions who come to realize, as a life-changing game nears, that their parents' values aren't the same as their own.

Entry to Flicks To Fix ChCH is by donation - 
In order to do the best we can to raise the much needed cash for Chch - we are recommending a suggested minimum donation of $15
Of course, you may donate more if you can!

100% of entry donation will go to Christchurch Earthquake Appeal - ( Paradiso have been kind enough to offer to host at no cost!)

So, come to the movies on Friday 8th of April - For the price of 1 normal movie ticket , you get to see 45ish mins of short film and a 90 min feature film!!!

Oh, and if you want to ask any of the filmmaker any questions and have them answer them on the big screen , on Friday - email me those questions NOW! ( wanakafilm @ gmail . com )


Cheers Folks!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Participants are needed for the Wanaka Workshop!

Hi folks, 
If you act fast , you can be part of this awesome event!
Want the chance to have, Wanaka's own Tim Pierce or Greg von Heraud Parker mentor you?
Then check out the info below and get involved! - Places are limited and it's real soon so read on and get involved!!



The Inspiring Stories Trust – Capturing New Zealand’s Most Inspiring Stories
Inspiring Stories is a new, innovative New Zealand charity kick-starting a nationwide project that support's young Kiwi's to harnesses the power of storytelling through filmmaking and creative digital media for a better world. 

Participants are needed for the Wanaka Workshop!

Inspiring Stories is calling for applications from interested young filmmakers, changemakers and industry professionals interested in volunteering their services for the Wanaka Workshop. This will be held in collaboration with the ReGeneration Youth Jam Event.

Date: 14th March 2011

Time: 10-5pm (1 full day)

Location: Lake Wanaka Centre, 89 Ardmore Street, Wanaka

Inspiring Stories is an innovative new national project that aims to spark a series of inspirational short film productions by connecting up young filmmakers with young Kiwi's making a difference. From March to July we're convening a series of two-day intensive workshops for young Kiwi's aged 13-26. The workshops are being held in every region, and focus on effective storytelling and documentary filmmaking. Participants learn core skills through a range of exercises, and develop a project of which they then go on over an 8-week period beyond the workshop to produce a short 2-4 minute film about an inspirational young person in their community.

To find out more, and apply for the workshops, go to

The dates for each regional workshop are as follows:

Greymouth :: March 8th & 9th
Wanaka :: March 14th
Invercargill :: March 17th & 18th
Dunedin :: March 24th & 25th
Christchurch :: March 29th & 30th
Blenheim :: April 5th & 6th


Palmerston North :: May 10th & 11th
Taranaki :: May 17th & 18th
Waikato :: May 25th & 26th
Auckland :: May 31st & June 1st
Whangarei :: June 11th & 12th
Rotorua :: June 14th & 15th
Gisborne :: June 21st & 22nd
Hawkes Bay :: June 28th & 29th
Wellington :: July 5th & 6th

For more information, please contact Laura Madden 021 442 285 or Guy Ryan on 021 243 9869

Please don't hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Flicks To Fix Christchurch

As I write this, there are a confirmed 147 deaths from the February 22nd earthquake that struck near Christchurch.
Sadly and surely, this number will increase.
As I write this, there are families waiting for news they don't want to hear.

When I first came to New Zealand, it was Christchurch that welcomed me into it's heart.
I lived there for 3 years and made many, many, friends .

It's where I met my partner and where I made the decision that I wanted to live permanently in New Zealand.

Knowing that it's only a matter of time until I hear a name or see a photograph of someone I know , who hasn't survived or who has been badly injured , is horrible.

The city itself, the buildings, the streets, the very character that is Christchurch, has been changed forever.
A day hasn't gone by since that fateful Tuesday, that I haven't shed a tear for Christchurch and it's residents .

The city faces a huge uphill struggle.
Businesses will disappear, jobs will go and so will residents . 

I, like many, feel useless down here.
I, like many, want to help,in some way - in any way I can.

It's not much but every little helps, so I'm organizing a movie night, proceeds of which will go to Red Cross NZ .

Full billing / dates / venues to be confirmed but below are some of the few details I have for now.

Ari Gold is a very funny , talented and generous filmmaker, actor, musician and champion air drummer!
Ari contacted me after the earthquake ,expressing his concern for me and mine and when I mentioned that I wanted to raise funds and spirits for those 
affected by the earthquake, he offered a no strings attached screening of his hilarious first feature film "Adventures Of Power".

It's thanks to his great offer that I can bring you an awesome evening of cinema , here in Wanaka , where all box-office takings for the night will go to help our Christchurch friends.

Check out the trailer, starring Ari Gold himself , Entourage’s Adrian Grenier and Glee's Jane Lynch and the great Michael McKean .

Wanaka local, Topher Straus has also kindly offered his short The Attackmen for the screening evening.Check out some clips below.

My good mate from Ireland , Ian Lawton, has a new short film too. It's called The Other Marty and it's a crack up! - that's on the bill too! 

More details etc. as and when I have them.

Thanks folks!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's on people!!

V48HOURS Furious Filmmaking Contest

Okay , so it's that time of year again, where we start to think about a weekend of no sleep, caffeinated beverages and frantic filming - yes,  the V48HOURS Furious Filmmaking Contest has
a start date ( kinda ).
Registration opens on March 1st  with the actual filmmaking weekend 99% set for May 20-22nd .

Like all good things , dates , details rules etc are subject to change , so for the latest news , check the V48Hours website / Facebook group / or Twitter feed 

Lets see if Wanaka can crush the competition! get your team together now!

Queenstown Film Society is on the hunt for local talent!

"Queenstown Film Society is inviting local film-makers to get in on the action and submit a short film to be screened as part of their 2011 season, which kicks-off at Dorothy Browns Cinema on 3rd May.
The Society would like to hear from anyone keen to have their original work screened as part of our 2011 line-up. The invitation is open to everyone from experienced film makers to those who have never made a film before; the only proviso being that the short film must have some sort of local link.
The idea is to recreate the glory days of the silver screen when ‘shorts’ were shown before each feature film. We also want to showcase local talent and provide our members with some unique film moments with a local twist. We know there are a number of locals who have made short films over the years, many of which have never been seen publicly and by starting the search now, we’re also giving any novice film makers the push to pick up a camera and start filming.
The Society is looking for short films, no longer than 15 minutes in length. The genre and subject matter are completely open. The film could be fiction or non-fiction, humorous, action-packed or thought-provoking. We’re sure there’s some great talent out there and we’d love to see it!
Anyone interested in submitting a film to be considered for the programme should contact Tracey Cunningham via email at for more details and advice.
Films need to be submitted in DVD format by the end of April 2011.
For further information please contact Tracey Cunningham on 0210761800."

(From the QFS website)

Good for Nothing 
You may remember we posted about an ambitious, Kiwi , low budget western - referred to as a Pavlova Western - a while back.
Well it's got a name now , "Good For Nothing" , and those guys had their world premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and got some
great reviews from some big names in the movie world.
Check out their website here and embedded below is the amazing looking trailer ( see if you can spot any of the local locations used in the film).

I recently had a request from a young film student at S.I.T , Sam White :

"Hi, for an assignment this year I have to work as an intern in the media industry.
Wanaka/Invercargill/Dunedin would be easiest but it can be anywhere. Do you know of anyone who could help out with this?"

If anyone reading this can help Sam out or would like to speak with him about any opportunity that may help with his assignment, just drop me a message and I can pass on 
your contact details to Sam.

(to email , click me )


I have a couple of films lined up for another WFT evening of short film screenings.
I have a few details to sort out but will let you know when I have details to give.

Cheers folks,


Friday, February 4, 2011

Coming to a screen near you soon!

Hi all,
A quick reminder -

"Good Girl" , my new short that I made this past week, screens tonight at the Paradiso as part of THE
RUBY ISLAND CABARET show. Now the show has sold out so if you are coming along, great , see you there! - If not , well I hope you'll get a chance to see "Good Girl" in the near future - details tbc.


Legendary Wanaka short film, " RABBITS " (dir. Greg Von Heraud Parkerscreens in Dunedin on 12th of Feb as part of the "SHORT FILMS ON A TALL WALL" program (details of which are 2 posts down )

It's wicked fun , so if you are in Dunedin that weekend , do yourself a favour and check it out.

Need convincing? - then check out the trailer.

Catch you all later.