Friday, April 30, 2010

New Zealand Music Video Month : Video 1

As New Zealand Music Month is about to kick off. I would like to post some NZ Music Videos on the site over the next 4 or so weeks.
If any filmmakers/musicians out there would like me to embed their video on the site , please email me with a suitable url from which I can embed (youtube , vimeo etc.) and a link to any website or blog you may have etc.
email to wanakafilm @ gmail . com .

I'll kick off with Garageland's late '90's cracker Come Back.



"DIG DEEP, DICK" has made it to the Dunedin City Finals!!

Hi all,
Well Congratulations to Team Pineapple Lump!!

Wanaka's own 48hrs Sex Ed film DIG DEEP, DICK , has made it to the Dunedin City Finals!!

Here is a complete list of City Finalists for all locations


Bald Faced Cheek - Brown Means Earth - Romcom
Blindvision - The Separation of Sidney Manson - Twin
Del Sur - The Fiddles - Musical
Downlow Concept - Only Son - Ghost
Fatboy - Lost Call - Ghost
Goodfellas - Carousel - Road
Haynes Film -Two Timer - Time Travel
Hybrid - Chicane - Road
Idiotvision - Confessions of a Frabricator - Romcom
me vs googleplex- Gravity's Pull - Biopic
No Star - Humanity : The Last Seven Minutes - Biopic
Prime Rib- Life in the Bus Lane - Femme Fatale
Rascals - The Game of Love and How to Keep Ahead - Romcom
Sinistral - Not Quite Wellywood - Romcom
Stone Soup -Making Children For China - SexEd
Winlove Adventure Bros - The Pool - Road Movie

Ad-Hoc Films - Emotional Wreck - Rom Com
Bwod - Sex with Rod Driver - Sex-Ed
DF-10 - Try and Try Again - Rom Com
Dingo Rat Patrol - Stroking the Bishop - Sports
EDGY - Brian Did it Again - Femme Fatale
Indiefilm - Garden of Eva - Rom Com
Radioactive Reptiles - Sid & Kate - Twin Movie
Team Lafter - Reeling In Time: The Sidney Manson Story - Time Travel
The George - Finally - Twin Movie
Reel Good People - Gone - Time Travel
Whenua Pamamao - Baxter - Road Movie
Zarquons Fish - In Sickness - Rom Com

Alpha Monkies - Ecoute - Ghost
Bartercard Girls - Votre Mien - Femme Fatale
Digital Story - Doll - Twin
Ivan Goff Fan Club - Hopping Away - Sports
Jampot Productions - Making a Spectre of Yourself - Ghost
Primary - il restorant disoray - Rom-Com
RRRFOFES - Strawberry, Raspberry - Twin
Spin Productions - Separate Ways - Twin
Teen Bunnies - Fabricate Your Future - Time Travel
WAT?! - Who is silent gives consent - Time Travel
Zer05um - Broken - Road

2 Many Darkies - A Toy Car Named Sydney - Road
Cowps Productions - The Twin Within - Twin
Kaihanga Productions - Bad Toy Bubby - Femme Fatale
Kaiti Hill - Birds, Bees & Zuchini's - Sex Ed
Kratos - Love, Death & A Henchman - Rom-Com
Number 9 - Desperately Seeking Widows - Ghost
Opotiki College V - Lion Forest: A Golfing Legend - Biopic
Pie sammies represent - Nanny Rose - Road
Stout Street Studios - Way Of The Bee - Musical/Dance
Team Membrana - Flat Pack - Musical/Dance
Team Pedro - When One Needs A Baby - Rom-Com
The Packing Shed - Delivered - Road

Abusement Park - DeVito - Twin
Dog Films - Balls & Chain - Rom-Com
Good Clean Pants - Take Me Back - Time Travel
Haneke - Remise - Sports - The Legend of Simon Peterson & The Story of Wogboth - Rom-Com
Luquid Chicken - Thumb of Maui - Biopic
Moffilaide - Timelanders - Time Travel
Squint Eastwood - Greenwich Mean Time - Time Travel
Team Cupcake Go 6.7 - Lake Flaccid - Musical/Dance
The Avatards - Melodies of the Heart - Rom-Com
The Mammal Group - The Wake Up (RomCom)
Traces of Nut - Longdrummer - Biopic
24 Reasons to Die - Dirty Bird - Musical/Dance

Gorilla Team Gorilla -Death In The West- Sex Ed
Hot Black Dog - Hot Foos- Sports
Meth Robot Ninjas - Opportunity - Time Travel
Mrs e movies -Schism: A Story Of Patience - Sports
Pressure Productions -Louis The Lips - Manson: One Mean Mother-Pucker - Biopic
Princess Zoe Films - Whole Wide World -Road
Spanatron - Without Balls - Sports
Spooce Media - It Just Aint Lakker -Twin
TBALC - I Am Single - Rom-Com
The Otter - Time-A-Saurus -Time Travel
The Outwits - Bechamel (White Sauce) - Musical/Dance
Zzzzzzz - Tu Padre - Road

Brown Paper Bag - King of South D - Road
Crisscross - Bonksy - Bio-Pic
Team Zombiecopter - The Sipowicz Split - Twins
Eclectics - Caught Dead - Ghost
Team Shadbolt - Freudian Sip: The Life of Danny Watson - Biopic
Mirage Videos - The Stag-do - Twins
Red Forgs - How Billy went bananas - Sex-ed
MacJay Productions - Engaged to a Ghost - Ghost
The Elman Poole Fellowship - Lammergeier: The Bird of Love - Rom-com
Off to the Accountant Films - The Meek shall inherit - Twins
Squashed Pineapple Lump - Dig Deep, Dick - Sex-ed
Team Super-best-friends - The Gurgitator - Biopic

Sunday, April 25, 2010

48hrs Heats and Reviews

Hi Folks,
Well, let me update you on the 48 hours shenanigans .

A bunch of folks from Team Squashed Pineapple Lump made the drive down to Dunedin on Friday to attend our screening of Dig Deep,Dick in the 4th Heat for Dunedin affiliated teams.

Delighted to see another Wanaka team (well, 1 member of the team made it there)- Team Mystitron with the quirky film  'The Sound of Penguin'.
Had I known there was another team from Wanaka taking part  I would have covered them in this blog.(Any Mystitrons out there - get in touch if you would like to tell us about your 48hours production etc.)

Dig Deep ,Dick was received extremely well , in-fact it got the Audience Favourite Award!

With plenty of entertaining movies to watch - we all had a great time.
Shout out also, to our neighbors over the hill, Queenstown team-  "Team Super-Best-Friends", and their film 'The Gurgitator'.
Awesome flick guys - hope to catch up again soon.

You can check out reviews for all films in our heat here (Including the very nice reviews for Dig Deep,Dick.)

We will find out on Tuesday ,I believe , if we have progressed to the City Finals , which will be in Dunedin on May 9th . FINGERS CROSSED!!

photo: courtesy of 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Photos From Wanaka's 48hrs Shoot!

And Lots More Here
Photographs:Martin Galley

Monday, April 19, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010


So tonight at 7pm , it's all on!
V48hours film competition kicks off this weekend .
Best of luck to all the teams taking part.

A special shout out to Wanaka's own Squashed Pineapple Lump

Thanks to all who have helped and who will help over the weekend.

Don't be surprised if a sleep deprived team member is looking at you funny over the next couple of days.
They are probably thinking - hmm , that guy would look great for the part of the evil henchman,
or something.
It's all good fun and the best thing about it is that by Sunday evening , there will be hundreds of new films born in New Zealand!

You can keep an eye on what's going on over the weekend by checking out the Squashed Pineapple Lump twitter feed @V48SPL and also the Wanaka Film @wanakafilm twitter feed

Hopefully there will be time to let you know how we are going.

Here also , is the winning entry to the V 48 seconds comp.Congratulations to these guys.



Friday, April 9, 2010

My 3rd stab at this years V48seconds challange - It's a bit dodgy.

Before you click on the play button I should warn you that this may not be to everyones taste and I would encourage you not to play it if you are easily offended.

Really , don't play it.