Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Great Night at Wanaka Premiere

Hi everyone ,
I'm just home from the Wanaka premieres of both , Lovers Rock & Fishy Tales . Well I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people who had turned out on a chilly midweek evening . They were an enthusiastic crowd and it was splendid to see so many film fans in our small town .
I'll post recap over the weekend, but I would really like to encourage any readers who were in the audience to send me their reviews of any or both of the films screened for posting here on the site .

A bunch of us are off to Dunedin (again) tomorrow for the City Finals of the 48hrs film competition .
WFT's entry "Pick Up" made the cut , so we will be getting our glad rags on and representing the town.
So many movie shindigs , so little time!!

More screenings coming up at the Paradiso in the next couple of weeks . Stay tuned for details .

Thanks again to all readers and viewer for your valued participation .

Soon you will all hopefully be getting busy on making your own 60 second flick .
Start thinking about it now and I'll get more info out to you soon.

Night , night all .

Please post reviews / questions etc. either in the comments section or via email to thairocksuperstar(AT)gmail(DOT)com

Thanks and Bye.



Folks , I have enabled the setting for comments from anyone , so you don't need to have to be a registered user etc.
If however the site starts to receive spam or abuse from the usual spam suspects out there on the web , well...then I will turn the need to register back on .
Hope it all goes well .
thank you.