Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Calm before the storm

Hi all ,

Thanks for stopping by .
Just a quick post to say that 48hr weekend is almost on us and therefore , there will probably be little in the way of a blog update till middle of next week .
Not only is the weekend filled with film making for some of us , but also WFT's first production , "Fishy Tales" will have it's premiere in Dunedin on Tuesday ,(some late night action in the sound studio over the last few nights has been noted!)
Best of luck to Darren and the Fishy Tales gang , hope the red carpet gets rolled out for this one .

I believe there will be a Wanaka premiere in the not so distant future also . Dates will be posted as soon as confirmed .

Film Festival News

The 7th Annual New Zealand Mountain Film Festival is on in Wanaka from July 3rd - 7th .
This is a great opportunity to see some outdoors/ adventure etc.themed films and lots of other cool stuff .
Check out the full details on the WEBSITE.

A last note to all the folk who have taken the time to email , letting us know a bit about themselves . Thank you for keeping this ball rolling .
It's appreciated.

A quick suggestion

As i hope there will be new visitors to this blog over time , may i propose that , in addition to cc to all other email addresses ,
that you post a copy of your email to the comments section in this blog , or just add the word PUBLISH in bold capitals at the end of your emails and I can then copy them and paste them into the main body of the blog .
You can , of course , do what you like with your emails but this way , everyone gets to read what you have to say .

On a side note , can you all please note that Emma's email address is listed in your emails as - when it is of course .
If you could change that in your contacts , she will then also get your mail .
I have one email address from the first WFT screening night signup sheet that I can't read - I have tried a few different versions but keep getting a delivery failure .If anyone knows Antonio's (stop motion chap) email address , can they let him know the error and have him email me or leave a comment .

Thanks all.

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Hope it all goes well .
thank you.