Friday, August 7, 2009

GONE IN 60 SECONDS film making jamboree

Great turnout at last nights screenings folks . A full house!
As time was tight , unfortunately we didn't get a chance to speak with any of the directors or time to launch the GONE IN 60 SECONDS film making jamboree .

Let me right some of those wrongs here .
First off , all the directors of last nights films are WFT blog readers and so , I would encourage anyone who may have questions or comments for those good folk , to either use the comments box here or a reply all email (to the mailing list) containing your comments.
I can easily create a blogpost with the comments in also .

So go ahead , I'm sure the film makers would be delighted with feedback and happy to answer questions .

Now , regarding the GONE IN 60 SECONDS film making jamboree ...

All you need to know is mentioned in the following short clip .

WFT will have a movie night at Paradiso in a month (exact date tbc ), that will be the hand in night .
Return of your 60 second movie on that night is mandatory - no late returns!
Label every single thing CLEARLY that you turn in with your director name / film name / and contact info .
You may enter as many 60 second films as you like as long as they are each different films (no clever 2 minute films divided into two parts!)

Grand screening will be one month from that return night , enough time for you to drum up publicity for your premiere!

Any further questions , details etc. will be covered in WFT blogposts and emails - so please encourage anyone you may know who would be interested , to send me their email address so they can be added to the mailing list.

So , I will shut up now and let the pictures speak .

cheers all,


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