Monday, August 3, 2009


Details of Pick Up .

Director: Robert Holt

Producer: Greg Von Heraud Parker

Writers: Greg Von Heraud Parker, Robert Holt, George Thoroughgood, Maria Arnoletto, Neil Cobb, Melissa Murcherson, Phil Martin, Martin Gally .

Actors: Robert Holt as Enis and Maria Arnoletto as Alex

Editors: George Thoroughgood, Robert Holt, Neil Cobb .

Cinematography: George Thoroughgood, Greg Von Heraud Parker

This info has been covered in previous posts , (scroll down to check 'em out).

Basically , though - this was made for entry in this years 48 hrs Furious Film making Competition .

I had co-directed with Darren , an entry last year that was disqualified from competition due to a technical error ( forgot to check the audio box on exporting out movie!!).

So this year, despite a busy schedule having just come off the shoot of Darrens short , Fishy Tales - (on which Greg and I operated cameras and which I went on to edit) - Greg and I , with the help of WFT , rounded up a crew and took it from there .

Despite the crazy turnaround time of writing,casting,shooting and editing a movie in 2 days - we had lots of fun and Pick Up even went on to make the regional finals!

There are 2 sequel scripts ready to shoot ! Watch out for Pick Up 2 : HEINOUS
and Pick Up 3: DIABOLIK , made to make you laugh...(by laugh , I mean SCREAM IN FEAR! ).

Robert is also working on a short western called Misery Whip and a hay fever nightmare called Glue .(both shorts).
He is also working on a stalker movie called HUT .

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