Sunday, August 2, 2009


Mi Mujer (My Woman)
Directed by Maria Arnoletto

Based on the short story
“Mi Mujer” from the book “Son todas suposiciones”
by Diego Mariano Ramallo

... In Gusatavo’s life, death was always present.
He met his wife at the cemetery ...

Description of Production

Independent 35mm film, shot in Buenos Aires, during Autumn 2008.

"I wrote the script , with Diego’s co-operation , over a year. On February I spoke to the Director of my university and left him a copy to read.
I graduated in March as DP ( director of photography ) and after that day I got my interview with him and started the pre-production. The university provided light, grip, and camera equipment. Looking for all that you can find in the film, from Crew to costumes, from toys to characters, graves and flowers.

The university also provided the online editing and sound post-production. When we got our shooting date the team started to get complete. Friends from the university were our voluntary team. Lots of people helped to make this film possible, because we all love to create and more , when we had something to say.

Diego, the author of the monologue and the main actor was leaving at the end of April and I wanted to travel to New Zealand as soon as I could.

I decided to shoot before leaving so we had one month of pre production, 8 days shooting in a cemetery, a street and a wake.

It was hard; locations were fragile, people ad-honorem, lots of lighting, grip, 5 cakes of film and a 35mm camera.

As on lots of independent short films, most of the things we got were happily given and the money we used came from my family, Diego and me.

We finished and we sent it to the lab, after 4 weeks I saw it. The image was there, it was as I thought, tidy and happy.
Post-production started 1 week after and took about 4 months. Lots of work, more people involved, emotions, situations, all of a world.

Finally I finished and I bought my flight to NZ with a film to share.

The support was amazing. Now I'm in charge of making this story travel around."

Maria Arnoletto.

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  1. Seen both...Maria...great actress, great directress.


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