Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Programme of Movies for 6th August Screening at Paradiso

Hi Folks , below are the films to be screened at the next WFT movie night .
Over the next week or so, I will post up some details on each film - 1 film/1 post per day.
Please pop by each evening for a new update.

Also , I hope you folks are thinking about your movie ideas for GONE IN 60 SECONDS !

I hope to see you all next week .

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Short Film Otago funded films

Fishy Tales
NZ 2009. Director: Darren Simmonds: 11 mins
A comic cat and mouse tale about Granddad and Riwi as they attempt to outwit Kent, an overzealous Fisheries officer.

The Somniloquist
NZ 2009. Director: Stephen Downes : 14 mins
Somniloquism:the affliction of talking in one's sleep

NZ 2009. Director: Rebecca Tansley : 14 mins
The story of two itinerants, each damaged by a troubled past, who re-learn how to trust again.

A Runner
NZ 2009. Director: Sina Walker : 14 mins
An aging cabby defies all expectations in the struggle to reclaim his dignity.

Also screening

NZ 2008. Director: Sina Walker : 10 mins
A rite-of-passage tale about a young boy on the opening day of the duck shooting season.

This film made last year with SFO funding is also playing as part of the 'Homegrown' short film selection in this year's NZ International Film Festival.

And to give the night a bit of international flavour we have two foreign films to add to the programme .

Mi Mujer (English title: My Woman)
Argentina 2009. Director: Maria Arnoletto : 14 mins :(Spanish Language with English subtitles).
"How the level of love rises among people at wakes."

And from Ireland,

Shut The Fuck Up
Ireland 2009. Director: Ian Lawton : 3 and a half mins
A kidnapping goes a bit wrong...

Now , if you're good,we will also screen the first film, in what is sure to be a cult new series of films *, featuring Heinous Enis

Pick Up
Somewhere 2009. Director: Robert Holt : 7 mins
..Stranger Danger! , Stranger Danger!..
( * may not actually become a cult new series of films - but we can hope!)

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