Sunday, July 26, 2009

Films , Film Makers and Making Films!

Still from A RUNNER

Hi folks,

Hope you are all well .

I've just finished the first draft of the script for the sequel to Pick Up. It's called Heinous. It's taken on a bit of a more sinister direction than the first instalment,but I just let it take me there.I'll give it a bit of a polish, and hopefully we can get the Pick Up crew back together sometime in the near future and shoot it .

So , like I mentioned in the previous post,on the 6th of August WFT will be having a screening night.Look on it as Wanaka's own mini version of the International Film Festival.Well actually the headliners will be the four films made with funding from Short Film Otago.So they are pretty local actually.

These are, Darren Simmonds Fishy Tales,Sina Walkers A Runner,Rebecca Tansleys Eden and Stephen Downes The Somniloquist, (more details on these films soon). There will,however,be some international flavour ,with the inclusion of a short from Irish filmmaker Ian Lawton called Shut The Fuck Up (more details soon) and ,hopefully,WFT friend Maria Arnoletto will allow us to screen her Argentinean short,Mi Mujer, (again,more details to come).
We hope to have one or two other little things to show also.

We will also take the opportunity,on that night ,to announce the details of the "Gone In 60 Seconds" film making jamboree .

Basically, though, this is going to be an opportunity for anyone who has ever wanted to to make a movie and see it on the big screen at the cinema,to do so.

Imagine,you will legitimately be able to announce to your friend ,"Yes , I am going to my film premiere tonight".

And all you have to do is make a 60 second movie on any subject you like , on any equipment you can get your hands on and you will have roughly a month to do so.

Then,after I have a chance to organise and collate the material,there will be a gala premiere night at the Paradiso cinema,where you can come and watch your movie (along with everyone elses) on the big screen and you get to vote on the best movies , not some judging panel.

Okay, so that's it for now.
Stay tuned for more details and start thinking about your movie idea .

Cheers all,


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