Friday, July 31, 2009


(Brian Kilkelly plays Colin Molloy, the main character in "A Runner".)

(Some of the toga party getting ready.)

(Matt Tane and Nigel Waters play the other 2 cabbies "Bullsy" and "Rob". Nigel also wrote "A Runner"!)

A Runner

An aging cabby defies all expectations in the struggle to reclaim his dignity.

A Runner
Written by Nigel Waters
Directed by Sina Walker
Starring Brian Kilkelly

“As yet another customer does a runner, and alarmed at the prospect of fading away in a retirement village; an aging cabby defies all expectations in the struggle to reclaim his dignity.”

“A Runner” is one of the short films made under the auspices of Short Film Otago. It is totally written and produced in Dunedin, and features all Dunedin actors.
Because “A Runner” is all about a taxi driver, the crew had to create three cabs from the fictional “Taxiland” company. However, they were so realistic, members of the cast and crew were stopped several times over the course of shooting by people wanting to hire a cab.
90% of the filming was done at night, which meant spending a lot of time on Dunedin streets after dark. The crew witnessed one police chase, quite a number of drunken passers-by wanting to feature in the film, a drunk loudly abusing a taxi-driver (a case of life imitating art), and pretty much every boy racer in Dunedin.
Friends and family were called in to help out in all sorts of ways, from lending a car trailer to dressing in togas to holding onto large lights during gale-force winds to being stunt drivers.
“A Runner” has been made on a shoe-string, and this was only possible because of the incredibly keen and dedicated cast and crew, who gave their time and energy voluntarily.
We hope you enjoy it.

Writer: Nigel Waters

Nigel was born and raised in Invercargill, moving to Dunedin in the mid-eighties. He has lived in Port Chalmers for the past several years. After having the opportunity to experiment quite freely at Allen Hall Theatre at the University of Otago, he has made a living combining various jobs, including being a postie, a stonemason and now a primary teacher, with working in local theatre for the past twenty years. Apart from a couple of short plays written in the early-nineties, in recent years Nigel started taking a more serious interest in writing. His first full-length length play Hymn was performed at Silo Theatre, Auckland, in 2001 and at the Playhouse Theatre, Dunedin, in 2003. His second The Whole Sun has had professional readings at the Fortune Theatre in 2006 and the Court Theatre, Christchurch in 2007. Short Film Otago’s initiative enticed a first attempt at screenwriting – A Runner.

Actor: Brian Kilkelly

Brian has appeared in 'As You Like It' and 'Children of the Poor' at the Globe and at Wellington's Fringe Festival. He has also played Capulet in 'Romeo and Juliet". Brian was in the highly successful 'Jerusalem Jerusalem' which played to capacity houses at Dunedin's Globe and Fortune Theatres and Wellington’s Circa Theatre before travelling with that play to Edinburgh, Belfast and Cheltenham in the United Kingdom.
Brian played in Equus at the Fortune Theatre and in more recent times has appeared in 'Man for All Seasons', 'Daughters of Heaven', 'The Seagull', 'Glide Time' and 'Proof' at Dunedin's Globe Theatre. He played Mr Frank in 'The Diary of Anne Frank' at Dunedin's Playhouse Theatre and most recently played the part of Charles Dean in a new play about Minnie Dean.

Brian made his film debut in the acclaimed 'Out of the Blue'.

Director: Sina walker
Dunedin based Sina Walker is a writer, director and sometimes editor. She currently works as a post director and associate producer for documentary producers NHNZ.
'A Runner' by Dunedin writer Nigel Waters is her second digital short made with SFO. Her last digital short 'Paradise' has been selected as one of 6 shorts in the 'Homegrown Drama on Video' programme for the NZ International Film Festival.
Paradise will also screen on Thursday.
Her current independent projects include writing a script about James MacKenzie and a producing a series of short documentaries about quirky Dunedinites.

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