Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Treatment with Elvis Mitchell

Hi all,
I thought I'd take a moment to alert you to a great film related audio programme .

I don't know about you , but I often get annoyed when I read a review or listen to an interview with a filmmaker because i find that , usually , the interviewer hasn't really bothered to do proper , in depth , research .
It frustrates me when the same old boring questions are asked by someone who doesn't really know a lot about the subject/artist they are dealing with .
I'm sure it must be boring for the interviewee also .
This is why I was so delighted to stumble across Elvis Mitchell and his film programme , "The Treatment".
I found this as a podcast on iTunes , but it is also a radio show on KCRW, Southern California's leading National Public Radio affiliate and available in a number of online formats from that link above .

Elvis is an interviewer who knows his subject well .
He is comes across as a gentle and intelligent interviewer . His guests ( writers/directors/producers/ etc.) seem to really enjoy their time with him on the show and it's not hard to see why .
He seems to know every obscure film or filmmaker referenced by his guests and is able to discern even the most vague influence on any given film .

Anyway , enough speaking . I'll let Elvis speak for himself .So do yourself a favour and check out the podcast (just search for it in iTunes or follow the web link above) , be sure to check out some previous guests as they all prove interesting .

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