Saturday, November 12, 2011

It Lives!

Hi folks,

 It's been a quiet old time here on the WFT Blog- Let's put it down to winter hibernation.
Okay , so - You didn't think 2011 would go by without a Gone In 60 seconds competition , did you?
 I hope not. Gone In 60 Seconds III is alive!

 I'll post details in the next day or two , but - this year , I'm changing things up a little.
 Yes, it's still a requirement that entries must me 60 seconds long from start to finish - including any titles/credits etc - any variations on this will not be eligible for competition (but may be screened on the gala screening night).

 The other rule is that films are to be fiction films.
 I feel that there are a number of outlets in Wanaka for documentary / sports films and I know all you folks have a fiction film in you, so get thinking of a story idea.

 This year , I am also introducing a theme - the theme is CHRISTMAS

Don't stress too much about this - It can be as vague or as stressed as you like and no one will be disqualified for not adhering to the theme enough - it just might make for a festive screening night , is all.

 No details on prizes yet except that, as always , there will be an awesome handcrafted trophy for the best film winner , thanks to Gregg at

 The heart of the competition has always been about giving folks who would like to make a movie, but have felt that there are too many hurdles in the way, an excuse to shoot pretty much anything - on any kind of camera , a reason to do it. It's only 60 seconds - nobody is gonna get snobby about technical quality etc - it's just for fun!

 That said, the supreme trophy and the chance to see your movie on the big screen , with a full audience, is the reason to enter this comp - if you don't win - so what - you have made a movie in your life and it will be played in the cinema!! - ain't that cool?

 Everyone is busy here at WFT and free time for organizing events and prizes etc. is in short supply - so I'm handing some work out to you guys . If you think there needs to be prizes , other than the supreme trophy, then I would ask you all to have a think about any potential sponsors amongst you , that you may be - or know - and ask them if they would like to help out.

 Anyone can get in contact with me at wanakafilmATgmailDOTcom (replace AT with @ and DOT with . )

 More details soon, in the meantime - check out Tim Pierce's awesome winning 60 second film from last years comp below. (this is slightly longer version - but the entry on the night was 60 seconds)

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Blip - WFT 60 Seconds II Film Competition Winner from Tim Pierce - Zeros&Ones on Vimeo.

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