Sunday, February 27, 2011

Flicks To Fix Christchurch

As I write this, there are a confirmed 147 deaths from the February 22nd earthquake that struck near Christchurch.
Sadly and surely, this number will increase.
As I write this, there are families waiting for news they don't want to hear.

When I first came to New Zealand, it was Christchurch that welcomed me into it's heart.
I lived there for 3 years and made many, many, friends .

It's where I met my partner and where I made the decision that I wanted to live permanently in New Zealand.

Knowing that it's only a matter of time until I hear a name or see a photograph of someone I know , who hasn't survived or who has been badly injured , is horrible.

The city itself, the buildings, the streets, the very character that is Christchurch, has been changed forever.
A day hasn't gone by since that fateful Tuesday, that I haven't shed a tear for Christchurch and it's residents .

The city faces a huge uphill struggle.
Businesses will disappear, jobs will go and so will residents . 

I, like many, feel useless down here.
I, like many, want to help,in some way - in any way I can.

It's not much but every little helps, so I'm organizing a movie night, proceeds of which will go to Red Cross NZ .

Full billing / dates / venues to be confirmed but below are some of the few details I have for now.

Ari Gold is a very funny , talented and generous filmmaker, actor, musician and champion air drummer!
Ari contacted me after the earthquake ,expressing his concern for me and mine and when I mentioned that I wanted to raise funds and spirits for those 
affected by the earthquake, he offered a no strings attached screening of his hilarious first feature film "Adventures Of Power".

It's thanks to his great offer that I can bring you an awesome evening of cinema , here in Wanaka , where all box-office takings for the night will go to help our Christchurch friends.

Check out the trailer, starring Ari Gold himself , Entourage’s Adrian Grenier and Glee's Jane Lynch and the great Michael McKean .

Wanaka local, Topher Straus has also kindly offered his short The Attackmen for the screening evening.Check out some clips below.

My good mate from Ireland , Ian Lawton, has a new short film too. It's called The Other Marty and it's a crack up! - that's on the bill too! 

More details etc. as and when I have them.

Thanks folks!

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  1. Ian Lawton here, Director of The Other Marty.

    Nigh on 10 years ago I spent an amazing few months living in Christchurch and I am devastated by the news. Christchurch will always have a very special place in my heart & have nothing but fond memories of my time there.

    Being so far away I wish there was something I could do to help & to have my short be part of a program to raise funds to help the people of Christchurch makes me very proud.

    I hope you enjoy it.



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