Saturday, April 9, 2011

Great Night at "Flicks To Fix Christchurch" $$ Raised!

Hi folks,
Well, we had an excellent fun filled evening on Friday at the fundraiser for the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal.
A hugh thanks goes out to everyone who turned out for the screening.
You are a great lot , no mistake!

Just tallied up the total donation and I'm proud to announce that the generous friends of the Wanaka Film Trust put their hands in their pockets to the tune of $640. That's excellent and inspiring!
Thank you all so much.

I want to also take this opportunity to thank again, the very,very, generous filmmakers who were so kind as to donate their films.

These guys put a lot of time and effort into making films. This may seem like a glamorous profession, but the reality is that it is a lot harder work than a lot of people think.

With this in mind , as a way of showing our gratitude, all I would ask of you is to take a moment to 
click on these links (facebook/twitter/email etc) and say hello to Ari ( Adventures Of Power) , Ian (The Other Marty) and Topher (The Attackmen) and see some of their other work.

I think that each of these talented film makers will continue to be making excellent projects in the future
and we are privileged to have seen some of their early work .

I would also like to thank the Paradiso cinema for , yet again , being beyond generous with their hospitality and friendliness. 

Thanks also to Arielle Zadok , Sorted Printing , Anthony Mackey of and everyone who helped publicize and promote the fundraising evening .

Cheers Folks


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