Thursday, January 21, 2010

48hrs/Rentals on YouTube/Your Big Break Winners

Hi all ,
Some info on some happenings below.


This year the 48hrs Film Comp shoot weekend begins on 16th April (registration opens March 1st).
There is already some local team building going on!
Wanaka had 2 teams enter last year,one missed out official consideration due to a technical error (but was an awesome movie!) , the other made it to the regional finals!.
So, let's try and top that this year folks , get organized early (as much as one can get organized for 48hrs)
and make sure you register in time.
Link for 48 Hours HERE  check for updates regularly.
EMAIL us here at Wanaka Film Trust if you have any questions about the comp as we have a few 48hr veterans onboard.

FILM RENTALS ON YOUTUBE.*(It has come to my attention that this be initially only available in the US)

Interesting article from the New York Times about YouTube getting into the online film rental game.
This is interesting for many reasons,not least are which are the fact that you will have an alternative to iTunes Store movie rentals (I have nothing against iTunes but more players the better), but secondly,
and more interesting , in my opinion , is that this could be good news for indie filmmakers as an easy way to distribute and generate revenue from, their movies.
Anyhow , I'll leave the details up to the NYTimes - here is the link check it out.(There will be some Sundance Film Fest movies available initially for a limited period - to test the water)


Tourism New Zealand's publicity generating initiative YOUR BIG BREAK will announce the 5 finalists (of the 1080 entries) for there film making competition tomorrow (Fri 22nd Jan) afternoon (New Zealand time) .
I presume the results will be posted on the website somewhere HERE is the link to the homepage (announcement may not be on that page ,however so have a sniff around.) 

*WINNERS HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED HERE - Congratulations to all.

There are paid intern opportunities (for working on the 5 shoots) available also - details HERE

Okay , that's me done for the night.
Take care.


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