Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good Girl

Hi all ,

Sorry it's been a little quiet in here lately but I've been busy doing work for my new short film "Good Girl".

This is the first of my 2011 "Express Films", that is , a bunch of quickly made short films , done with minimum crew (often just myself) and minimum fuss .
Hopefully the will be good and people will like them , but it's really an experiment in prolificacy .
They say that if you want to be a writer , then you should write x amount of words a day to hone your craft, even if not everything you write is great.
I figure the same can be applied to film , so in an effort to keep me moving and learning, I plan to do a fair bit of this type of fast turnaround movie making in 2011.

It will hopefully keep me limber and prepare me for the other big 2011 goal - The 1st feature film!
So , watch this space and feel free to join in ! 2011 Express Films!

Here are a couple of early , ungraded stills from "Good Girl" . I hope you like 'em.
More details etc , soon.

Hannah Steven in Robert Holt's "GoodGirl"

Charlotte Gardiner in Robert Holt's GOOD GIRL


  1. Hey Rob I can't see any photos on the last post

  2. Should be fixed now Greg - I hope so anyway (looked fine from here but had a few reports that no one else could see them)

  3. I fully endorse this film making approach. Sure haven't I been doing it with music for a long time. If you want to use one of the songs from Another Year Of Rock as an excuse to shoot and cut noone's going to stop you!


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