Friday, October 15, 2010

Bring your mum to the world premiere of your own movie!

Hi all,
Well,with just over a fortnight to go until submission deadline,I hope that all of you have your Gone In 60 Seconds II films well under way. I know some folks are already finished and others are heading in that direction.Of course it's still not too late to get in on the action.
You could probably make one a day from now until 1st November and raise your chances of a win considerably too!
Remember - this comp is open to everyone , everywhere!
All films will be screened at The Paradiso on the 9th of November.
Bring your mum to the world premiere of your own movie!
How cool would that be.
We don't care if your film is not shot on the latest piece of cinematography gadgetry - you could stand at the front of the movie theatre and display your flip book movie if that's how you roll, just a 60 second flick - that's the only rule!!!

Easy,right? and don't forget , there are PRIZES!! (heaps).
Be in to win.

check out the video in post below for all the details you need.

See you on the big screen, film makers!


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