Monday, September 13, 2010

For Thousands Of Miles

Hi Folks,
I know us film makers / fans of film, have our own troubles trying to get stuff made but I also know how great a feeling it is to be ,in some small way,a part of the process in getting someone else's project made too.
We ,I'm sure,have all helped out on a production made by our friends and acquaintances here in Wanaka or further afield, not for money or anything  but to be a part of bringing something that started as an idea, to life on the screen.

Sometimes there are great projects that you want to be a part of , but they are not happening in your local area , but , hey ,you want to see that project in all it's finished glory,after all the hard work that has gone into it.

Well one such project that I want to see on the big screen - maybe even here in Wanaka at the Paradiso - is a film called 
"For Thousands Of Miles"
I wanted to help out a little , so I gave a few dollars to one of their Kickstarter fundraising campaign's.As a reward,
one of the filmmakers,Mike , got in touch and sent me a FToM T-shirt.
Perhaps some of you around Wanaka have even seen me wearing it.It is honestly , the most comfortable T-shirt I own.
Anyway,this project looks great and, I think , will appeal in particular, to folks like you.Folks who choose to spend some time here in Wanaka,New Zealand, with it's stunning outdoors and people with heart.

Look, just give a minute or two of your time to check out the video below and a couple of the links beneath that and if you feel that this is the kind of film you'ld like to get behind and you have a couple of dollars you could spare then click on those links and give a buck or two to FToM's Kickstarter campaign and tell your buddies , who may be interested too.

Thanks for your time.


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  1. I just wanted to say thanks so much for writing this :)


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