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Lots Of Stuff.

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Lot's going on so i'll get straight into it.
First off, Wanaka Film Trust now has a YouTube Channel and a Facebook page so hit the links and subscribe/follow etc.
YouTube Badge on the left of the page there should take you right there anytime. Facebook badge too.

Next up, Heather (who kindly set up the WFT Facebook page) has bought herself a lovely Panasonic DVX102b and now needs a  decent sturdy tripod and a good fluid head.But as the camera blew the budget has anyone out there got a spare or unused tripod going cheap? - if so perhaps you could give Heather a holler on facebook or email me wanakafilm @ gmail . com  and I will pass on info.

Next on agenda,
Reel Dreams Productions, that's Darren and Topher to us WFT folks have a new website and a nice piece written about them on Business.Scoop .
The guys are bringing more eyes to Wanaka as a production hotspot which benefits us all,so I wish them good luck with their venture.

Finally,as mentioned in previous post , THE INTERNATIONAL 2010 NZ MOUNTAIN FILM FESTIVAL is approaching and below is the latest press release with info.

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PRESS RELEASE – 16/06/10
Conquering fear, discovering new worlds, nurturing nature and gaining great heights are some of the elements featured in the winning films of this year’s New Zealand Mountain Film Festival in July.
The five-day festival programme, being launched today, is packed with 53 films finalists of inspiring, scenic and entertaining stories offering the armchair explorer unique adventures across the world from the comfort of their seat. There were 93 entrants in this years film makers competition, with a record 20 of them made in NZ.
Of these, 13 ‘made in NZ’ films have been selected as finalists to be shown in Wanaka at the festival July 2-6.  
Into Perpetual IceDirected and Produced by Jared Meehan of Mount Maunganui wins the title of Best New Zealand-made film including receiving the prestigious Hiddleston/MacQueen Award. When informed of his award and $1000 Meehan replied “I don't know quite what to say. Thats amazing news. NZ has some incredible film makers these days so I really didn't expect it to do so well.” The 20 minute film follows five international kayakers on a journey to the birthplace of their sport; an expedition to explore and paddle some whitewater rivers in Greenland. The group get marooned on an ice berg and eaten by bugs in their quest for a first descent in their kayaks. Into Perpetual Ice gives a brief insight into Greenland's culture and the nature while following these paddlers on their difficult mission. The obstacles faced make for an exciting trip and eventually all the hard work pays off with rewards of white gold.
The Grand Prize and $1000 award has been given to Mount St.Elias, produced and directed by Gerald Salmina of Austria. It is an epic story about four very different characters – three of them men, one a mountain. A dramatic and awe-inspiring adventure film following three of the world’s greatest ski mountaineers to Alaska’s Mount St. Elias in their attempt at the the longest ski descent on earth. 
Set against the backdrop of Alaska’s dangerous beauty, Mount St. Elias is about a visionary but borderline experience where unparalleled physical and mental pressure pushes them to the absolute limit. Two Austrian ski alpinists Axel Naglich and Peter Ressmann as well as the American freeski pro Jon Jonhston are facing this breathtaking challenge! 
The Asgard Project (UK, Directed and produced by Alastair Lee) is the winner of the Best Film on Climbing. The film was also the runner up to the Grand Prize and follows top climber Leo Houlding’s ambitious expedition to make an ascent of Mt Asgard’s daunting north face, regarded as one of the most difficult big walls in the world. 

To reach Mount Asgard the climbers sky dive into the heart of Baffin Island, in the Arctic Circle. The story gets off to a spectacular start as the plot twists and unforeseen problems come thick and fast in this unrelenting epic. Once the team commit to the wall the drama only increases.....
Nature Propelled (USA, Directed and Produced by Seth Warren) won the Best Film on Mountain Culture & Environment. Seth embarks on a petroleum-free adventure with his nature powered fire truck named Baby, tracking the life cycle of water through the seasons. Featuring stunning and often daring footage, Nature Propelled demonstrates the connection between the elements, renewable energy, adventure sports, and practical ways that individuals can use these elements to power their lifestyles. 
The Best short film went to Snow Tramp (Canada) The lure of the mountains is powerful indeed so when our modern day ‘Tramp’ chances upon a newspaper photo of a ski resort, he knows in his heart what he must do..... The obstacles are many. Will he do it? Can he do it? And, most importantly, will he get the girl? 
Take a Seat (UK) won the best film on Adventurous Sports and Lifestyles; which follows Dominic Gill’s mission is to cycle 32,000 kilometres from the north coast of Alaska to the southern tip of South America, on a tandem push bike, picking up strangers on the way. 
REV: A Buried Treasure (Canada) won best Snow Sports Film and is a unique documentary about “a town that skis.” A heartfelt and raw story about people who ski, live and visit the place of their dreams, now in transition from a historic quiet mountain town to a world-class ski area. 
“The diversity of films to be screened at this year’s film festival is outstanding," said festival director Mark Sedon. "The different emotions, senses and imagination to be stirred by the collection of films is quite unreal. The viewer will gain an insight to many different worlds, challenges and experiences and be entertained at the same time.”
All winners and 53 film finalists will be screened during the festival, which runs July 2 to 6. Festival Passes and Single Session tickets are available now through the website and then at the Lake Wanaka Centre from 2 July.
Details of all films are listed in the programme which will be available from stores in Wanaka and on the web site

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