Sunday, April 25, 2010

48hrs Heats and Reviews

Hi Folks,
Well, let me update you on the 48 hours shenanigans .

A bunch of folks from Team Squashed Pineapple Lump made the drive down to Dunedin on Friday to attend our screening of Dig Deep,Dick in the 4th Heat for Dunedin affiliated teams.

Delighted to see another Wanaka team (well, 1 member of the team made it there)- Team Mystitron with the quirky film  'The Sound of Penguin'.
Had I known there was another team from Wanaka taking part  I would have covered them in this blog.(Any Mystitrons out there - get in touch if you would like to tell us about your 48hours production etc.)

Dig Deep ,Dick was received extremely well , in-fact it got the Audience Favourite Award!

With plenty of entertaining movies to watch - we all had a great time.
Shout out also, to our neighbors over the hill, Queenstown team-  "Team Super-Best-Friends", and their film 'The Gurgitator'.
Awesome flick guys - hope to catch up again soon.

You can check out reviews for all films in our heat here (Including the very nice reviews for Dig Deep,Dick.)

We will find out on Tuesday ,I believe , if we have progressed to the City Finals , which will be in Dunedin on May 9th . FINGERS CROSSED!!

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