Saturday, April 25, 2009

Welcome to WFT

By Robert Holt

Hi everyone ,
Welcome to the Wanaka Film Trust blog .
In time , we hope to have a website up and running , but this will suffice for now .

I'd just like to thank everyone who came out to the first public WFT meeting at the Paradiso Cinema on Thursday .
It was great to see a good turnout .
I must apologise for not getting to speak to everyone , but would hope that we will get the opportunity to do so in the near future.

Thanks to Darren Simmonds for speaking on the night . He's a much better public speaker than I am and I think , given the time constraints we were under he did an excellent job of introducing and explaining WFT .

Also special thanks to Callum and all the lovely Paradiso crew , for , not just providing a good venue for our meeting , but for having an awesome cinema . I urge you to spend plenty time there , both for movies and good grub , but also as a place to hang out and meet up with friends .

But mostly thanks to you guys .

Y'all seem like a talented bunch and I look forward to seeing examples of your work , both past and future.

Topher - you sounded good on the radio on Friday!

Maria - I checked out your website - really cool pics!

Ian - Thanks again for those links - I'll add a links section to this blog (if I can work out how).

Katharine - I hope you found your Cinderella .

I will email a link to this blog to you all but if I have misread anyones email address and they fail to get this
and you know them , could you please ask them to email me at the address in the email you recieve .

Please everyone , leave comments regularly so I know I'm not alone! .


  1. Thank you For taking time and having a look, I appreciate that. When we meet we can have a chat and I would like to here your opinion personaly.
    I'll try to check the blog regulary so as you don't feel alone !

  2. (I couldn't make it work with my email, Im Brian Anderson using maria's id )

    Hi Robert, I would like to say I am very impreased at the info you are giving us with such a diversity of blog material. I was going to reply to your first edition, but then another come and then another but now I must have a plug. You are a talented mentor and doing an amazing job of deserved recognition. Take me as a learning partisipant. Incidentaly I have used the celtx script program and find it very functional. Kind regards, Brian Anderson.

  3. Thanks Brian (via Maria) ,
    I appreciate your comments .
    I will try out Celtx soon . I like freeware .

    It's great to know people are reading and hopefully getting something out of this blog and WFT in general .
    It is of course , only possible with the participation of others and also
    it is with pleasure that I can link to other sites run by folk who have done a lot of work previously and have helped to inspire me .

    keep up the good work.

  4. Robert

    Just discovered this now from a comment hidden away on my blog.

    My apologies for not seeing this sooner.

    I'll but a link to this on my blog.

    Cool beans


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